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Statement about Coronavirus

A message to all of our patients that in our clinic we continue to work and operating with all normality, at our normal schedule, taking into consideration all higienic measures recommended from the Health Ministery and the Medical School Board.

Most requested surgeries

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery requires surgical intervention, the patient enters the operating room to achieve an optimal and long-lasting result. Clínica Sanza in Barcelona, Spain, has been dedicated for more than 25 years exclusively to plastic surgery treatments, with more than 8000 patients successfully operated.

Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine enhances the beauty of patients, but through non-invasive treatments that do not require surgical intervention. The patient does not enter the operating room to undergo surgery. Aesthetic medicine improves the patient's external appearance. Clínica Sanza in Barcelona, Spain, has specialists who are exclusively dedicated to aesthetic medicine treatments.

Most sought and commented treatments on our website

Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Remove silicone or biopolymers from the body

Remove silicone or biopolymers from the body