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Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Barcelona

Clínica Sanza, with more than 25 years of experience, has a wide range of aesthetic treatments, with and without surgery, for both men and women. The objective is to improve the quality of life of patients, enhance the beauty of each person, erase the traces of the passage of time and achieve results in an elegant, safe and natural way.

With you since 2001 ...

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery requires surgical intervention, the patient enters the operating room to achieve an optimal and long-lasting result. Clínica Sanza in Barcelona, Spain, has been dedicated for more than 25 years exclusively to plastic surgery treatments, with more than 8000 patients successfully operated.
Hair surgery
Cirugía de la frente
Forehead surgery
cirugia de cejas
Eyebrow surgery
Cirugía de los párpados
Eyelid surgery
Cirugía de nariz
Nose surgery
Cirugía de pómulos y mejillas
Cheek surgery
Cirugía plástica de orejas
Ear surgery
Cirugía plástica de labios
Lip surgery
Cirugía plástica de mentón y mandíbula
Chin and Jaw surgery
Cirugía de la cara
Neck and face surgery
Cirugía de mamas
Breast surgery
Cirugía de pectorales
Pectoral surgery
Cirugía plástica de brazos
Arm surgery
Cirugía plástica de abdomen y espalda
Abdominal and back surgery
Cirugía plástica de genitales hombre
Male intimate surgery
Cirugía plástica de genitales mujer
Female intimate surgery
Cirugía plástica de glúteos
Buttock surgery
Cirugía plástica de piernas
Leg surgery

Without operating room...

Aesthetic Medicine Treatments

Aesthetic medicine enhances the beauty of patients, but through non-invasive treatments that do not require surgical intervention. The patient does not enter the operating room to undergo an intervention. Aesthetic medicine improves the external appearance of the patient. Clínica Sanza in Barcelona has specialists who are exclusively dedicated to aesthetic medicine treatments.

Toxina Botulínica
Botolinum toxin
Hilos Tensores
Tensing thread
Rejuvenecimiento facial
Facial rejuvenation without surgery
Reafirmación ovalo o plasmapen
Oval or plasmapen reaffirmation
Tratamiento reafirmante del cutis
Skin reaffirming treatment
Eliminar ojeras con ácido hialurónico
Removing eye bags with hyaluronic acid
Tratamiento contra el Acne
Acne treatment
Armonización facial completa
Full facial harmonization
Eliminar manchas en la cara
Facial stain removal
limpieza de cutis con tratamiento personalizado
Facial cleansing with personalized treatment
Limpieza de cutis Detox
Facial Detox cleansing
Mesoterapia - celulitis
Mesotherapy - cellulite
cavitación, radiofrecuencia y vacumterapia
Cavitation, radiofrequency and vacumotherapy or lymphatic drainage
lipotene - eliminar grasa localizada
Reducing localized fat without surgery
Eliminar varices
Remove varicose veins
Oxygen therapy
Wood therapy

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