abdomen, liposucción de abdomen y espalda

Abdominal and back liposuction

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abdominal and back liposuction

It consists of extracting adipocytes or cells that contain subcutaneous fat localized at the abdomen or back using a cannula that suck it to take it away.


People with abdominal or back accumulated fat.

People that even dieting and doing healthy sport don’t achieve a defined abdomen.


Surgery is made through small incisions, where the cannula is introduced to extract fat excess, molding the zone, either abdomen, back or flanks.

Whit lipolaser apparition and its capacity to retract skin, the old premise to have a skin without stretch marks or abdominal hernias loses consistency when a liposuction is made. Nowadays abdomen can be corrected from lots of fat kilograms, being able to make a mega liposuction combining both techniques.

Man, and women bodies can be remodeled with extractions from 500g of localized fat up to 20kg of fat from large abdomens and backs, being able to drop from 5 to 10 sizes.


  • From 1 to 4 hours, depending on the abdominal size and fatty tissue litters to be removed



  • Evaluation of the area to determine the adequacy of the treatment
  • Follow specific patterns determined by the doctor
  • Cardiac and respiratory analysis and test of it shape


  • Local and sedation, epidural or AG, depending of the extension to treat


  • Ambulatory or hospitalization from 24h to 48h


  • Suture removal after 5 or 6 days if suture is required
  • Post operation medication is obligatory indicated by the surgeon
  • Mandatory examinations after several days, several weeks and several months, according to prescription


  • From 1 to 5 days, depending of the treated zone and adipose tissue litters extracted
  • Use of compressive item during the first week and even to a month
  • Massages are recommended at the treated zone


  • Imperceptible scars
  • Really effective results
  • In man case, abdominal muscles demarcation (six pack)
  • Rejuvenated aspect
  • Improvement of the patient’s psychological profile and self-esteem


  • Simple-medium intervention


  • Medium-low
  • Own intervention risks: irregularities that precise a retouch for an improve.
  • General intervention risks: hemorrhage, infection, scarring alteration.


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