Bioplasty with hyaluronic acid

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Bioplasty or filling with hyaluronic acid is a treatment we do at Clínica Sanza in Barcelona.

Facial aging is a complex process that involves changes in all the tissues that make up the morphology of the face. That is why in certain superficial treatments that seek to optimize the skin may not be sufficient to produce an evident change in the search for a more youthful appearance.

Once the patient presents loss of volume, lines of expression permanently marked and displacement of the deepest tissues by laxity, the optimal indication to solve the problem must be the compensation of lost volume with injectable substances like hyaluronic acid, repositioning of the tissues with tensioning threads, or in more advanced cases, with surgery , such as, a weekend lift.

Hyaluronic acid is a collagen protein that every human being has under the skin, which provides elasticity and turgidity to the skin.

Nowadays there are many laboratories that commercialize hyaluronic acid. This product comes in vials prepared to be injected in order to provide volume to areas where it has been lost or to highlight facial features.


Men and women with loss of facial volume tissue who would like to improve facial morphology:

  • Filling the temporal region.
  • Cheek augmentation or correction of the malar region.
  • Rhinomodeling.
  • Correction of nasogenian furrow.
  • Lip augmentation and profiling.
  • Projection of the mandibular and maxillary angle.
  • Correction of marionette lines.
  • Chin augmentation.


Prior to thorough examination and marking of the area to be treated, antisepsis of the region is performed, depending on the area local anesthesia can be used, then the product is infiltrated with needles or hypodermic cannula of minimal calibre that leave no scars. Finally, a massage is applied over the area to distribute the product evenly.

It is a very simple, fast and minimally invasive procedure, so it does not cause pain or great discomfort for the patient and does not require time off after treatment.


  • Between 15-45 minutes depending on the quantity placed and worked areas.



  • Evaluation of the area to determine the treatment.
  • No blood or other tests are necessary.
  • Pohotograph control of the area to be treated.


  • Anesthetic cream can be placed or local anesthesia infiltrated to reduce discomfort, it’s a procedure very well tolerated by the patient.


  • No hospitalization.


  • No intense physical activity 24hr after treatment.
  • Keep the treated area clean.
  • Do not massage the worked area.
  • No bandage required.
  • Does not require medication.


  • Immediate incorporation to the working life, minimal inflammation or small bruising can appear in the worked area which will disappear maximum in 24 – 48h.


  • Recovery of the lost volume of the tissues, noticeable reduction of the flaccidity of the skin and a decrease of the expression lines, stimulation of collagen that improves the quality of the skin.
  • Increased volume in the treated area to highlight facial features.


  • Very simple intervention.


  • Low.


Remove nasolabial fold with hyaluronic acid

Cheek augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Remove dark circles with hyaluronic acid

Chin augmentation with hyaluronic acid

Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

HYALURONIC ACID VIDEO (audio in spanish)

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