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Facial treatments

Facial treatments

This is a summary of the different aesthetic treatments designed to improve the appearance of our patients’ faces that we perform at Clínica Sanza in Barcelona.

You can see the page with full information on any of these treatments by clicking on the one you are interested in.

Armonización facial completa

Full facial harmonization

It is a procedure without surgery that is performed with the combination of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid fillers in key areas selected according to the symmetry of the face. 

Hilos Tensores

Tensing thread

The tensing thread placement is a procedure with a minimum of invasion, no scaring and no need for posttreatment recovery. It is indicated for patients with low or medium skin laxity. This treatment has a double therapeutic effect.

Facial fillers with Calcium Hydroxyapatite

Given that calcium hydroxyapatite is biocompatible, it is not necessary to wait for the results of allergy testing, and given that it is biodegradable, it adapts perfectly to the aesthetic needs of the face.

Rejuvenecimiento facial sin cirugía

Facial rejuvenation without surgery

Facial rejuvenation without surgery treatment at Clínica Sanza in Barcelona, Spain, consists of improving both the quality of the skin and the flaccidity and facial wrinkles.

Rejuvenating includes prevention and healthy habits to the treatment of small wrinkles stains and flaccidity. In other terms, all the signs of early aging that bother us and which we want to correct.

Tratamiento contra el acné

Acne treatment

Acne is an inflammatory illness of the glandular structures of the skin, called sebaceous pilo glands. It is one of the dermatological most frequent pathologies which affects almost 89% od the teenagers between 13 and 18 of age. This can last many years, leaving persistent scars and can create important adverse effects for the psychological patient’s development.
Eliminar manchas de la cara

Face stain removal

The spots, as we know, is an alteration of melanin, so the treatment will focus on s stop the oxidation of tyrosine. This treatment is worked with a combination of acid peels and ascorbic acid, where cocktails are carefully chosen to work with dermapen and hyaluronpen, so that all layers of the skin can be treated.



The cutaneous exfoliation or “peeling” is a topical therapeutic technique destined to modify the cutaneous surface to obtain a regeneration of skin layers. It is indicated in the treatment of acne and its sequels, photoaging, spots, flaccidity of the skin and wrinkles.
Toxina botulínica y ácido hialurónico - Dr Jordi Rodríguez

Botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin, therefore, is a complex of neurotoxin secreted by a microorganism called Clostridium Botulinum, this toxin is biological, that is, it is not created chemically or synthetically. It works by blocking the release of acetylcholine at the level of the peripheral cholinergic nerve endings, thus achieving temporary relaxation of the striated musculature, (which is all the muscles we use to perform voluntary movements). In short: Relax the muscles we want.

Hyaluronic Acid Facial Fillers

In this section we show a summary of the different areas of the face where the hyaluronic acid facial fillers that we infiltrate in Clínica Sanza in Barcelona can be placed.

Be careful, the result of infiltrating hyaluronic acid does not last the same for everyone. It depends on several factors, one of which is the manufacturer. Depending on this you can “save money” but then the result will last you half the months and you will end up coming back in a few months. At Clínica Sanza we use the best hyaluronic acid we know, the one that lasts the longest. We have not seen another that lasts longer and performs better.

You can see the complete information page for any of them by clicking on the one you are interested in.

Toxina botulínica y ácido hialurónico - Dr Jordi Rodríguez

Hyaluronic acid in the lips

Ideal for lip plumping and lip contouring

Hilos Tensores

Hyaluronic acid in cheekbones

It gives projection to the cheekbones, highlighting them and giving a more rejuvenated look to the face.

Rinomodelación - Dr Jordi Rodríguez - Cirujano Maxilofacial

Hyaluronic acid in the nose
- Rhinomodelation - Rhinomodelation

It is a quick and inexpensive way to fix small nose defects that bother us.

Toxina botulínica y ácido hialurónico - Dr Jordi Rodríguez

Hyaluronic acid in chin and jawline

Hyaluronic acid in the chin and jaw area is a very common treatment to enhance the jaw angle and “masculinize” the appearance of the face or to eliminate small defects that give us a complex.

Hilos Tensores

Hyaluronic acid in nasolabial folds

It is the perfect solution to considerably reduce the lateral lines that go from the nose to the mouth (nasolabial fold) and that with age become more and more marked.


Eliminate dark circles under the eyes

With age, some people develop dark circles under the eyes. Filling them with hyaluronic acid is a very good option.

Toxina botulínica y ácido hialurónico - Dr Jordi Rodríguez

Hyaluronic acid at the corner of the lips (marionette lines)

Marionette lines are these grooves that become more and more pronounced over the years, especially when laughing. With hyaluronic acid we can greatly reduce its volume.

Hilos Tensores

Hyaluronic acid in temples
- temporal region -

Some people have slightly sunken temples from birth. In this case, one solution is to infiltrate hyaluronic acid in this area to match the rest of the skull and harmonize the appearance.


Hyaluronic acid
- General information -

In this section we tell you all about hyaluronic acid: What types exist, where it can be applied, how long the results last depending on the area of the face, how long it takes to infiltrate it, what things you should avoid after applying it, …

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