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Remove varicose veins with laser

How to combat varicose veins?

In Clinica Sanza Barcelona, Spain,  we have the most effective and most used techniques for the removing varicose veins with laser treatment, with medical specialists who will help you get free legs of those undesirable varicose veins.

Showing off beautiful legs this summer becomes a problem for all those women who have varicose veins or spider veins in the lower extremities, not to mention the discomfort that can generate, such as pain, heaviness among others.

eliminar varices con láser

What are varicose veins?

The varicose veins are dilated due to a weakening of the valves that are in the vein lumen (the valves allow the unidirectional flow of the venous blood towards the heart). By not closing these valves properly, the blood begins to accumulate in the veins causing them to dilate.

eliminar varices con láser- foto 3

How to treat them?

At Clínica Sanza we have two non-invasive treatments for the treatment of varicose veins:

  • Sclerotherapy or Vascular Sclerosis

It consists of the application of a sclerosing substance (Etoxisclerol) in the light of the varix which closes with the consequent disappearance. It is a simple, minimally invasive and effective process. This procedure is on an outpatient basis, does not require anesthesia and does not leave scars.

eliminar varices - foto 2

  • Photosclerosis or Vascular Laser

The vascular laser acts on a target that is the hemoglobin, which is a component of the blood, as the varicose veins are full of blood, generates a local inflammatory reaction within the varix with its consequent closure and disappearance. It is an outpatient procedure, which does not require anesthesia that generates a local inflammation that disappears in a couple of days.

eliminar varices - foto 1

Whatever your case may be, do not hesitate in contacting us. 
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