Aesthetic medicine

interest-free financingAesthetic medicine enhances the beauty of patients, but through non-invasive treatments that do not require surgical intervention. The patient does not enter the operating room to undergo an intervention. Aesthetic medicine improves the external appearance of the patient. It never uses major surgery techniques or requires general anesthesia, as in the case of Cosmetic Surgery, which in most of its actions involves a hospital admission of the patient.

Through these treatments, the patient can improve their self-esteem through an improvement of their image. Since there are occasions in which an aesthetic “imperfection”, complexes and produces insecurity to the patient.

The main objective pursued by these techniques is to exercise a true preventive medicine, since an appropriate aesthetic aspect is always beneficial for the patient and helps the wellbeing and better general health.

Aesthetic Medicine Treatments


Reducing localized fat without surgery




Botox, botulinum toxin

factores crecimiento

Growth factors with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

piernas, tratamiento de varices con microespuma

Remove varicose veins

ojeras - foto 1

Remove eye bags with hyaluronic acid


Cavitation, radiofrequency and vacumtherapy or lymphatic drainage

alidya, tratamiento para la celulitis

ALIDYA, treatment for prevention and cellulite treatment

Laser Platform Treatments

Depilación Láser

Laser depilation

Rejuvenecimiento cutáneo fraccional - láser

Stain removal and vascular lesions

eliminar tatuajes con láser

Remove tattoos with laser

eliminar varices

Remove varicose veins with laser

Laser skin rejuvenation

Laser skin rejuvenation

Blefaroplastia sin cirugía

Laser blepharoplasty, removing excess skin on the eyelids with laser

Facial Fillers Treatments – Bioplasty


Bioplasty with hyaluronic acid


Bioplasty with Radiesse (Calcium Hydroxyapatite)


Bioplasty and lipofilling