Laser skin resurfacing

Rejuvenecimiento cutáneo fraccional - láser

Retrieves the natural tone of your skin thanks to the regeneration of collagen naturally.
Get back a smooth and uniform texture and slows the signs of aging , wrinkles, furrows , crow’s feet and especially sagging face and neck.

Clínica Sanza in Barcelona, is a reference centre in the treatment of laser skin resurfacing


Lux 1540 fractional Palomar system emits laser light in the form of microbeam producing destruction of the dermis , and gives rise to the natural regeneration . This defect enhances collagen production and skin tightening naturally.


LUX 1540 head beams penetrate deeper into the dermis than other devices , achieving more effective and lasting results and no downtime .


And ablative fractional approach encourages a rapid healing and maintains the intact dermis and epidermis without long redness .
The Lux 15400 system protects the skin from overheating , along handpiece incorporates a cooling system of the skin to minimize discomfort.

After treatment

Depending on the time you may have skin warmth or tension , an effect that disappears in a few hours .
May persist however pinkish for 2-5 days . After the session you can return to your daily activities and you should avoid sun exposure.
As with all treatments Clínica Sanza, we suggest post- laser skin care and maintenance between sessions to enhance the effects the most .


It offers fast results in just a few days notice visible improvements in the tone and texture of lapiel . For best results it is necessary for 4-6 sessions at intervals of 3-6 weeks between sessions . Once finished the shock treatment , 2 sessions per year are recommended maintenance .
As a treatment that reshapes cross the dermis, the improvements do not appear in a flash effect immediately but maximum results are seen over the weeks , even months , since the treatment stimulates collagen production by natural processes n de la piel de forma natural.”>This defect enhances collagen production and skin tightening naturally.