Laser skin tightening

laser skin

The treatment of Clínica Sanza in Barcelona, Spain consists of reaffirms the skin of the face , abdomen , arms and other body areas again and gets your skin smooth and bright.



It is based on fractional technology, which is characterized as a very safe and effective treatment.
The infrared laser emits light of deep penetration in the dermis causing soft tissue coagulation . This process stimulates collagen remodeling , and faster and natural skin regeneration.


The tension produced by this treatment effect is combined perfectly with the above , since most patients have associated d all signs of aging, to a greater or lesser extent. The half-hour and must be repeated several sessions to get the desired result treatment, according to the degree of sagging skin.


This treatment is safe and effective because it only affects the treatment area . Furthermore, to reduce pain and discomfort of treatment , the cooling system uses LuxIR in 3 stages : cooling the skin before, during and after each light pulse.

After treatment

Immediately after each session similar to a slight sunburn sensation appears . This can last between 2 and 24 hours. After the session you can return to your daily activities and you should avoid sun exposure.
Like all treatments Clínica Sanza, we suggest post- laser skin care , serving as maintenance between sessions and increases the effectiveness of treatment.


You’ll get a firmer , smoother and softer skin in the desired areas with an average of 5-8 sessions.
It is a treatment that combines perfectly with the Ablative Resurfacing and where the effects persist over time , combining sessions with Skin Care treatments generation for optimal results.