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Growth Factors PRP

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Treatment description

Facial rejuvenation using platelet growth factors or PRP, represents an important advance in cosmetic medicine. It is based on the regeneration, repair and bio-stimulation of the tissues, through the stimulation of fibroblasts with Platelet Growth Factors.

Fibroblasts are cells present in the conjunctive tissue, in other words in the skin, and are responsible for the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, amongst others. In addition, they are capable of stimulating certain enzymes which intervene in cellular anti-oxidation, having an antioxidant effect.

Clinica Sanza in Barcelona, is a reference center in the treatment of Growth Factors PRP

How is it done

A small blood simple is taken (approximately 20cc) from the patient in order to process it via centrifugation and thereby separate the fraction of plasma in which the platelets are found, which contain within them platelet growth factors, in such a way that we can extract them and infiltrate them into the skin of the patient to stimulate the regeneration and repair of the skin (bio-stimulation of the skin).

  • Fraction 1: Upper third: Is the poorest in platelets and therefore also poor in growth factors. (Plasma Poor in Grow Factors).
  • Fraction 2: Middle third: Presents a ratio of platelets very similar to that which exists in the peripheral blood and we define it as P.G.F. (Plasma Growth Factors).
  • Fraction 3: Lower third: Corresponds to the portion that is the richest in platelets and therefore in platelet growth factors and we define it as P.R.G.F. (Plasma Rich in Grow Factors).

In facial bio-stimulation with Platelet Growth Factors we only use portions 2 and 3 to which we add calcium chloride to liberate the factors.
We also combine the infiltration of platelet growth factors with the infiltration of vitamins, aminoacids, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, thereby achieving very evident and satisfactory results, on the face, neck, cleavage and hands.

In the field of cosmetic medicine, it is a treatment that can be positive in patients of all ages, ranging from very young to old age.

Protocol and frequency of treatment

The application protocol and frequency of this treatment is variable in each patient and will depend on the degree of skin ageing. A greater number of sessions will also be needed for skin that is very damaged, malnourished, in smokers, those over-exposed to the sun and those who do not get enough daily sleep.

Video: Treatment against baldness with PRP Capillar (Sound in spanish)