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Breast surgery in Barcelona
| Mammoplasty


Breast surgery is a summary different breast aesthetical surgery and plastic surgery treatments, technically called MAMMOPLASTY, performed at Clínica Sanza in Barcelona. You can see the page with complete information about any of them by clicking on the one you are interested in.

Breast augmentation with prosthesis

Mammoplasty is the breast plastic reconstruction. The purpose may be breast augmentation or reduction, or fallen breast correction, asymmetries or developmental deformities in adolescence. This intervention involves a change in the volume and shape of the breasts. Breasts augmentation with prosthesis is performed by an augmentation mammoplasty placing round or anatomical implants, that can be done in different ways.

Breast augmentation surgery with fat grafting (with your own fat)

Breast augmentation surgery with own fat or augmentation mammoplasty with fat tissue is increasingly booming. We perform it in our clinic in Barcelona. It consists in removing with a liposuction abdominal or leg fatty tissue and then infiltering it into another part of the body.

Mammary elevation, mammapexy or breast pexia

It consists of mammary ptosis correction, a pathology often associated with breast hypertrophy, aging of the skin, sudden weight changes in general, or of the breast (due to hormonal cycles), or as a consequence of a postpartum regression. In any case, it always involves a descent of the breast and the areola-nipple complex, below its normal anatomical position. In ptosis, the lower pole of the breast falls below the submammary sulcus and the upper pole is emptied.

Mammary reconstruction

Mammary reconstruction is a surgical procedure that repairs unilaterally or bilaterally the stigmas generated by congenital or acquired problems, diseases of different nature (especially oncological) or by accidents.

Mammary reduction

It consists of mammary hypertrophy correction, a pathology caused by the exaggerated increase of the mammary volume. This increase may take place at puberty. It is known as virginal breast hypertrophy and it is due to a breast hypersensitivity to female hormones. In these cases the breast usually presents a homogenous, turgid, strong and elastic, but large and uncomfortable appearance.