aumento de mamas con protesis

Breast augmentation with fat grafting (with your own fat)| Augmentation mammoplasty

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breast augmentation with prosthesis

Breast augmentation with own fat or augmentation mammoplasty with fat tissue is increasingly booming. We do it in our clinic in Barcelona.

It consists in removing with a liposuction abdominal or leg fatty tissue and then infiltering it into another part of the body.

Now, we will proceed to speak about the breast area.


Women that have small breasts and have enough fat to be removed in other parts of the body. This improves the body silhouette and increases breast size.

Patients that are transgender and also looking to achieve the same results.

Other options:

  • Also indicated to correct breast asymmetry
  • To correct the “reepling” that can happen when using implants. These are wrinkles that occur on the neckline or the lateral side in patients that are very thin and have breast prothesis.
  • For reconstructive purposes, as when a patient has had a mastectomy due to cancer.
  • Not recommended for patients with a genetic family line of cancer or risk of developing cancer.


We have to evaluate the patient, determine which size is wanted and if there is an area with enough fat to be removed. After this, if the person is suitable for the procedure, the surgery will take place in the hospital, with no scaring as it is done with small liposuction cannulas.


  • From 3 to 4 hours



  • Evaluate the patient
  • Follow the Doctor’s specific indications
  • Preoperative tests: Blood test, electrocardiogram, chest x-ray and a mammography or echography


  • Local and sedation, or general if the patient prefers


  • Ambulatory or 24hour hospitalization


  • Take prescribed medication
  • No lymphatic massages required
  • No need for a compressive chest corset. However, there will be a need for one on the area where the liposuction has been realized
  • Wear a bra without being too tight. The fatty tissue is made of live cells and there is no need to massage them into the tissue
  • It is essential to not touch the area at least within the first 15 days as with any graft, the skin, muscle, cartilage, bone, etc…can have a risk of reabsorption
  • Obligatory postoperative revisions to control progress, avoiding any complication


  • 2 to 3 days of rest due to the liposuction
  • Avoid any impact and great efforts on the breasts during 15 days
  • Sleep upwards or on one side 15 or 10 days
  • Use a bra that is not too tight, or no use at all
  • No sport should be practiced until 20-30 days have passed


  • Breast augmentation as desired and an improvement of body silhouette as there is also elimination of fatty tissue from other parts of the body
  • Natural consistency and appearance
  • Improvement of the psychological profile and self-esteem


  • Half difficulty


  • Low, if a correct postoperative has been followed
  • Intervention risks: possible partial fat reabsorption, therefore, not achieving the breast size desired
  • Intervention risks: bleeding, bruising, infection. Very rare


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