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Buttocks surgery |
Gluteoplasty | Brasilian Butt​


The buttocks surgery is a summary of the different buttocks aesthetical surgery and plastic surgery treatments, technically called GLUTEOPLASTY, performed at Clínica Sanza in Barcelona, Spain. You can see each page with complete information by clicking on the treatment you are interested in.
Ninfoplastia - reducción de labios menores

Gluteal augmentation with lipofilling

It consists of extracting fatty tissue form any of the own patient’s corporal area, summiting it to a cleaning process and purification, and finally injecting it into the gluteal zone to project, elevate or augment the zone.
Aumento y reducción de labios

Gluteal augmentation with prosthesis

It consists of placing a prosthesis under the major gluteus muscle, made of a material that does not cause immunological reaction and it gets integrated naturally.
Septoplastia - plastia del tabique nasal

Buttock lift

It consists of elevating flaccid and fallen gluteus in a definitive and more evident way than with threads, gluteal prosthesis and lipoliftings.
Liposucción de alta definición

Buttocks liposuction and cellulite

It consists of extracting buttocks zone accumulated fatty tissue and also to achieve and improve gluteal cellulitis.
Quitar biopolímeros de los labios

Extraction of silicone, biopolymers or other body materials

Silicone or biopolymers is a permanent filler that has been widely used to augment lips, cheekbones, facial wrinkles including buttocks, legs and arms.
hilos tensores en gluteos

Gluteal tensing threads

It consists of passing some special threads prepared to tense the area and achieve a gluteal elevation.