aumento de glúteos con lipofilling

Buttocks surgery | Gluteoplasty | Brasilian Butt

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The buttocks surgery is a summary of the different buttocks aesthetical surgery and plastic surgery treatments, technically called GLUTEOPLASTY, performed at Clínica Sanza in Barcelona, Spain. Get a plastic surgery treatment of brasilian butt in Barcelona, Spain.

You can see the page with complete information about any of them by clicking on the one you are interested in.

aumento de glúteos con lipofilling

Gluteal augmentation with lipofilling and mother cells

Aumento de glúteos con prótesis

Gluteal augmentation with prosthesis

hilos tensores en gluteos

Gluteal tensor threads

lifting de gluteos

Buttock lift

liposucción de gluteos

Buttocks liposuction and celulite

Extraction of silicone, biopolymers or other body materials

Extraction of silicone, biopolymers or other body materials

Silicone or biopolymers is a permanent filler that has been widely used to augment lips, cheekbones, facial wrinkles including buttocks, legs and arms.

About 20 years ago they were withdrawn from the market because it was observed that, over time, caused more or less serious problems of: displacement, rejection, pain, inflammation and even more serious problems of necrosis and embolisms. This has created a new disease called “Iatrogenic Allogenosis”.