aumento de glúteos con lipofilling

Gluteal augmentation with lipolifting

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The gluteal augmentation with lipolifting treatment at Clínica Sanza in Barcelona, Spain, consists of extracting fatty tissue form any corporal area of the same patient, after this, the fat goes through a cleaning process and purification, and finally injected it into the gluteal area to project, elevate or increase the glutei.


People that wish to elevate or protrude their gluteal area, women and also men.

People with fallen and flaccid glutei.

People with gluteal cellulitis.


For patients who wish an augmentation of the gluteal zone, but don’t want to use prosthesis, we have an excellent method of treatment: lipolifting or gluteal liposculpture.

Fatty tissue extraction will be retrieved from the patient with special cannulas that allow the extraction of large fat cell quantities or adipocytes with the minimum trauma possible. After that procedure, we process the obtained fat to be able to inject it in the area to fill, achieving improved volume with a natural look and excellent results without any scaring.


  • From 1 to 2 hours.



  • Evaluation of the area to determine the adequacy of the treatment.
  • Follow specific patterns determined by the doctor.
  • Cardiac, respiratory and blood tests.


  • Local, epidural or general, depending on the treatment.


  • Ambulatory or 24 h hospitalization.


  • Minimum pain.
  • Patient cannot sit on the graft for 15 to 20 days, so the patient should sleep sideways or facing down during recovery time to prevent fat reabsorption.
  • Compressive belt for 3 to 4 days on the area wherer the fat has been extracted (abdomen, hips, legs…).
  • Medication if required.
  • Mandatory examinations after several days, several weeks and several months, according to prescription.


  • Daily life can be restarted after 24 to 48 hours if it is not a super active life.
  • Risk sports can be practiced after 30 days.
  • Fast recovery.


  • Natural gluteus projection.
  • Better smoothness.
  • Rejuvenated appearance without cellulitis.
  • Improvement of the patient’s psychological profile and self-esteem.


  • Simple intervention.


  • Low.
  • Own intervention risks: partial graft reabsorption that will require a retouch to improve it.
  • General intervention risks: hemorrhage, infection, scarring alteration.

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