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What is capillary micropigmentqation?

micropigmantación - antes y despues
Micropigmantation – before and after

What is it?

The capillary micropigmentation treatment is a technique that simulates in an incredibly natural way, the birth of hair on the scalp. Once the treatment is finished, the client has the appearance of a shaved head.

Who is it for?

Hair micropigmentation is ideal for patients suffering from alopecia (irreversible hair loss) and who are not candidates for surgery, that is, patients with a loss of density that does not allow the implantation of micrografts due to the risk of damaging the existing hair in the area.

How is the treatment done?

The hair micropigmentation treatment consists of injecting pigments under the skin of the scalp with the aim of giving a better appearance to people with alopecia. Its function is to give a shaved or shaved head appearance instead of the vision of total baldness with bright baldness. Treatment with micropigments for baldness lasts approximately 3 sessions.

The performance of the micropigmentation is without surgery, does not need admission nor does it need postoperative. It is an ambulatory capillary treatment, that is to say, the session is performed and the patient can continue with his normal activity.

Local anesthesia is applied. Therefore the treatment is totally painless, the patient will only notice the initial punctures of the anesthesia.

How long does it last?

The effects can last from 1 to 3 years approximately, although there are cases that reach up to 5 years. Depending on the type of pigment used, organic or inorganic, and the type of skin, the result may vary significantly from one person to another. The average period of time considered adequate is 3 years. When the patient detects the loss of tonality or uniformity, it is time to perform a maintenance that will restore the micropigments.

micropigmantación - antes y despues
Micropigmantation – before and after

Can anyone do it?

In principle yes, except people with contagious diseases by blood that should notify the specialist. This is a technique using needles and therefore could cause risks for the professional who does it without due knowledge.

It is also important not to consume alcohol or anticoagulant substances such as aspirin before treatment to avoid further bleeding. However, these indications must be presented by the professional days before the process.

What process does the treatment follow?

When the treatment ends, a slight inflammation will appear on the scalp. It is normal due to the handling of the needles. It can happen that the pores of the skin release part of the pigmented ink that has been injected in excess. It is a normal thing and does not influence the final quality of the pigment in the head.

The first days the entire scalp will be covered with a thin crust. It is an illusion produced by the millimeter healing of the pores. After a few days, the crust will fall and leave a color that is darker than desired.

After three weeks, with the recovery of the superficial dermal cells, collagen fibers are generated that strengthen the skin giving the elasticity necessary for the scalp to finish healing. The hue of the pigment drops slightly and between 10 and 20 days you can begin to appreciate the final color of the micropigmentation of the baldness.

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