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What is lipofilling?

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This word has been on the rise for the last 10 years. Lipo = fat Filling = filler Lipofilling = Fat filler Maybe the words fat filler don’t sound great, but as we use English words constantly these words have come to stay in the World of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery as LIPOFILLING. Why lipofilling and not hyaluronic acid? 30 years ago, we started to use facial and body fillers with hyaluronic acid (wrinkles, cheekbones, lips, bags, breast, buttocks, arms, legs…). Clínica Sanza was one of the pioneers in using this procedure. Now that that the population knows about this protein, “hyaluronic acid”, (necessary for …

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Clínica Sanza Articles of cosmetic surgery

All of our body, from head to toes, is made up of living cells that need oxygen and food to nurture and be able to live and function. Blood is a tissue (in a liquid state) that feeds through: Red blood cells => Oxygen White blood cells => defenses Platelets => prevents bleeding Fibrin, collagen, antibodies, nutrients, etc. We know the heart pumps blood through the arteries => arteriolas => capillaries Veins pick up what the cells do not need through capillary veins => venules => veins WHAT IS THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM? Part of the venous return, especially at a …

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Clínica Sanza Articles of cosmetic surgery

In the last 10 years we have advanced a lot in treating fat tissue for filling body volumes, including breasts. BREASTS WITH IMPLANTS   BREASTS WITH FAT TISSUE   Years ago, when we grafted fat tissue, most of it was reabsorbed. Now we obtain interesting volumes but not with all patients, and that is we still use breast implants. WHAT IS BETTER AND SAFER? Sure enough a breast augmentation with your own fat is safer and lasts your whole life. However, most women young or adult, are either skinny or have bad quality fat for it to integrate like any …

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Clínica Sanza Articles of cosmetic surgery

We understand you have doubts. Nowadays we often have so much information, some certain (scientific) and other fake (not serious feedback) that our patients come with the wrong idea. We have been practicing plastic surgeons for 30 years, dedicated especially to Aesthetic Surgery. 30 years ago, patients would come with no information, they knew what they wanted, we would explain it to them and then do it. Everything was much easier for both doctors and patients. They always came to good professionals. We wish the best for our patients. Back then there was no internet or social media. The patient …


Differences between hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin

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Many times we receive patients in our office and emails from patients who ask us the difference between the two treatments. Almost everyone has heard of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid and it is normal for them to get confused. Let’s explain the differences. Botulinum toxin is a vaccine that we use in small doses to paralyze the muscles that cause wrinkles. For example, forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and other wrinkles that the patient does not wish to have. When we talk about a vaccine or botulinum toxin, many patients are afraid that it may be toxic or …


Difference between rhinoplasty and septoplasty

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What is a simple rhinoplasty, a complete rhinoplasty and a septoplasty? A rhinoplasty is a surgical intervention which allows the nose to be remodelled, improving the aesthetical frontal view and the side profile. When the main goal is to improve the breathing function, it is called, septoplasty. The term rhinoseptoplasty, combines the two purposes, hence, aesthetical and functional. There are two principal techniques: Simple Rhinoplasty This is the simplest and most used technique. It consists in correcting the cartilaginous area of the nose and offers a great advantage: no scarring. This technique improves the small details from the broad or …

Diference between liposuction and abdominoplasty


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What difference is there between liposuction, abdominoplasty or dermolipectomy? This is a frequently asked question at our practice. It can be explained with two simple points: Liposuction, liposculpture, lipolaser, high definition lipovaser, minilipo…are different terms that are used for the same objective: eliminating fat between the muscle and skin, from whichever body part. Dermpolipectomy, abdominoplasty or minidermo are common adjectives for eliminating fat, solely from the abdomen, and at the same time strengthening the abdominal muscles (if needed) and eliminating the excess skin that cannot be tensed with a liposuction. Which is the best technique? If the patient wants a …

Tobacco as a premature aging cause

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A 28% of Spanish population smoke, placing the country slightly above the average (26%) of the European Union (EU), information provided from Eurostat, the community statistical office. As tobacco is such a common habit, their side effects that harm our organs and system in general are well described; however, normally, these effects are not focused on our greatest organ, the skin. The intention of this article is not intended to judge anyone that has this habit. Clínica Sanza wants to help whom is interested in a healthier lifestyle, expanding knowledge and providing beneficial treatments to all that have felt the …

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A Perfect Neck

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How can I get it? There are different types of neck abnormalities and each one needs a different treatment to improve it. There is not a single treatment. It will depend on the degree of demand of the patient, that is, on the desired result and on the acceptance of the procedure that we will have to carry out in order to achieve it. “Without surgery very little we will get in the neck”. BEFORE   AFTER    BEFORE    AFTER    BEFORE    AFTER    BEFORE    AFTER    BEFORE    AFTER    BEFORE    AFTER    BEFORE   …

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Super liposuctions (Great Results)

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WHAT IS A SUPER LIPOSUCTION? A super liposuction is an intervention that allows to extract a large volume of adipose tissue, that is, fat and especially the cells that deposit it. We talk about 10 kilos of fat in a single intervention (from 8 to 15 liters), that is, from 4 to 6 sizes of clothes. I HAVE READ THAT IT IS VERY DANGEROUS AND NO ONE DOES IT? Right. You have to have a lot of experience and it is true that few surgeons have dedicated themselves to learning how to do it and get very good results with …