Cheekbone surgery Malarplasty | Cheeks surgery Bichectomy

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Cheekbone surgery or malarplasty and cheeks surgery or Bichectomy is a summary of aesthetical surgery and plastic surgery treatments (Malarplasty) and cheeks (Bichectomy), performed at Clínica Sanza in Barcelona.

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Bolas de Bichat-Bichectomia

Bichat’s fat pad extraction (Bichectomy)

aumento de pómulos con prótesis

Augmentation of cheeckbones with prosthesis

Aumento de pómulos con sustancias biocompatibles

Augmentation of cheekbones with biocompatible substances

lipofilling de pómulos

Cheekbones lipofilling

perfiloplastia de nariz, pomulos, menton y mandibula