Bolas de Bichat-Bichectomia

Cheek surgery | Bichat’s fat pad | Bichectomy

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Bichat’s fat pad - Bichectomy

The Cheek surgery or Bichat’s fat pad treatment performed in Clínica Sanza in Barcelona. Also called buccal fat pads, are anatomical structures that have a great relevance for the cheekbone contour.

Bichat pads are the largest proportion of cheek volume in children. With time and growth of the rest of facial structures, these decrease in size. However, in some cases, the volume does not reduce and provides a rounded facial contour.

By eliminating the Bichat fat pads there is a considerable change in the facial symmetry, reducing the cheeks and providing a better cheek bone and mandibular definition.


Many actors and actresses have undergone this procedure.

Men and women with a rounded face which would like to have an improved facial silhouette and clearer features.


Local anaesthesia is applied on the area previously examined and undergone the asepsis protocol similar to a visit at the Dentist.

Through a small buccal incision, the fat pad is located and extracted.

 It’s a simple procedure, fast and minimally invasive, thus, there is no pain or great inconvenience for the patient.

There is no need for hospitalization or post treatment recovery days.

Video: Remove Bichat fat pads – Bichectomy (audio in Spanish)

This video, made in Barcelona, belongs to a real surgical intervention, we warn that it can cause impression to people with sensitivity as  the extraction of Bichat balls from the mouth is very explicit and real.


  • Between 30-45 minutes.



  • Evaluation of the area to be treated.
  • Basic blood tests.
  • Photographic control.


  • Local anaesthesia is placed in the internal mucous membrane of the cheek.


  • No need for hospitalization.


  • Compression with a bandage during 12-24h posterior to the procedure.
  • Cold compression of the area to avoid inflammation.
  • Avoid hard food or wide mandibular movements.
  • Oral mouth washes.
  • Take prescribed medication: antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Assist the postoperative revisions.


  • There will probably be an inflammation period which will reduce within 5 to 7 days.


  • Reduction of cheek volume. Bone, cheek and chin structure definition improvement. A facial contour which is slender and more elegant.


  • Fast and simple intervention.


  • Low.


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