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The chin, or chin, is one of the three parts that most define a person’s face from an aesthetic point of view, as it marks a point of reference and breaks the transition between the face and the neck. At Clínica Sanza we perform quick and simple surgical procedures that offer incredible aesthetic results to harmonise your face, technically known as Mentoplasty.

In this section we explain very briefly what each type of chin and jaw plastic surgery operation we can offer you consists of. From here you can access the page where each one is explained in detail and get more information.

Aumento y reducción de labios

Chin and jaw enlargement with prosthesis

It consists of placing a prosthesis in the jaw area, the material of which does not cause an immunological reaction and integrates into the tissues in a natural way.

Once in place, the result is permanent, it is never lost and the profile of the face is defined in a very stylised way.

Aumento y reducción de labios

Chin and jaw enlargement with biocompatible substances

It consists of filling the chin and jaw area with temporary substances, such as hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite.

They are infiltrated with injections, do not require surgery and are performed in the same surgery. They are completely biocompatible and do not cause any type of rejection or subsequent problems in the patient’s body.

Aumento y reducción de labios

Marking or removing the chin dimple

The chin dimple operation is a very simple operation that allows us to highlight the chin dimple if we wish to make it stand out more, or to make it disappear if it is not desired or if it is too pronounced for our taste.

Aumento y reducción de labios

Chin and jaw augmentation with own fat, lipofilling

It is used to fill the chin and jaw area with the patient’s own fat. It is not usually the first option for jaw improvement.

It is achieved by extracting the patient’s own fat using mini-liposuction and then the fat is processed and infiltrated into the area to be filled.

reconstrucción de mentón y mandíbula

Chin and jaw reconstruction

Chin and jaw reconstruction requires a specific assessment of each person’s problem. The specialist will determine the most appropriate option for each case.


Perfiloplasty consists in correcting the facial features of the nose, chin, and cheekbones with the help of surgery. This way, it is possible to combine and bring to practice procedures such as a rhinoplasty, a mentoplasty, a malarplasty (midface implants) or a frontoplasty in a single surgery.
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