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Ear surgery | Otoplasty​


Summary of the different ear plastic surgery operations, technically known as OTOPLASTY, that we can offer you at Clínica Sanza in Barcelona.

In this section we summarise very briefly what each type of cosmetic ear surgery operation consists of. From here you can access the page where each one is explained in detail and get more information.

Aumento de pómulos con sustancias biocompatibles

Slanted, aged and hanging lobes

It consists of a simple operation whose purpose is to surgically repair lobes torn by earrings or dilators. It is also performed to rejuvenate large, hanging lobes that appear with age or due to genetics.

Bichectomia - Bolas de Bichat

Ear malformation

It consists of an operation whose objective is to solve different problems of ear malformation caused by congenital reasons, accident, lack of development or abnormal growth.

Lipofilling de pómulos

Big ears

It consists of shaping the cartilage of the ears and the excess skin until the desired appearance and size is achieved. It is a fairly simple and quick operation, it is not very complicated, and the risk is very low.

Hilos Tensores

Ear reconstruction

It’s indicated for people who have some kind of major deformity in their ears, or who are even born without ears or with only part of them. It requires an assessment of the problem that affects each person so that the plastic surgeon can advise the most suitable option for each case.

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