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Eyelid Surgery | Blepharoplasty​


This page is a summary of the different types of eyelid plastic surgery, technically known as BLEPHAROPLASTY, that we can perform at Clínica Sanza in Barcelona to change the appearance of the eyes and give the face a more youthful appearance.

This section explains very briefly what each type of operation consists of. From here you can access the page where each one is explained in detail and get more information.

Blefaroplastia cirugía de párpados

Removing eye bags

It’s an operation to eliminate dark circles under the eyes by remodelling the periocular tissues.
It is an ideal procedure to eliminate the appearance of a tired face, rejuvenating the appearance of the face in a very obvious way.

Blefaroplastia cirugía de párpados

Removing skin excess

This operation removes the excess skin on the eyelids that over the years, due to stress, tiredness, lack of sleep or other factors end up ageing the eyes. The result of this simple operation is very good, our patients are pleasantly satisfied with the great change it represents and because they regain a more youthful appearance.

Lifting de cejas,cuero cabelludo, frente y rasgado de ojos

Foxy eyes

This plastic surgery operation is used to change the appearance of the eyes, giving them a sharper, more exotic look. We also see patients who have had an accident or because they were born with some kind of genetic malformation.

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