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Frequently asked questions about breast surgery

A summary of frequently asked questions about breasts (FAQS) that are usually asked by our clients at Clínica Sanza Barcelona. 

You can go to the page with all the frequently asked questions on the subject you are interested in by clicking on the desired treatment:

prótesis de mamas - Linfoma Anaplástico de Células Gigantes


Breast reduction, technically known as Reduction Mammoplasty, is the surgical procedure aimed at reducing the gland, fat tissue and the skin that surrounds it, forming smaller, higher, tighter and more harmonized breasts.


It consists of the correction of mammary hypertrophy, a pathology caused by an exaggerated increase in breast volume. This increase can occur at puberty. It is known as virginal breast hypertrophy and is due to a hypersensitivity of the breast to female hormones. In these cases the breast usually has a homogeneous, swollen, strong and elastic appearance, but it is large and uncomfortable, or complex.


Breast reconstruction is a series of procedures performed on patients who have had partial or total mastectomies, and for that reason the breast or part of the breast was removed. For breast reconstruction it is possible to use muscle flaps, it is also possible to use breast implants or with a combination of these methods and others.

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