Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Prosthesis -FAQS

breast augmentation in BarcelonaWhat are the most common reasons for having breast augmentation surgery with a prosthesis?

Having larger breasts is a natural desire among women with small breasts, significantly different breasts in shape and volume, and even in women who have small breasts and sagging due to breastfeeding or age. The increase of mammary volume replaces the proportions of the trunk with the waist and improving self-perception and self-esteem.

What are the best prostheses?

It’s a difficult question to answer. Is there the best car, the best bag, the best watch?

In Europe there are only the prostheses with EEC (European Economic Community) markings, and all of them have very rigorous quality controls. that is to say, they are all equally good.

Only the guarantees differentiate them:

  • 10 years
  • 20 years
  • For life

At Clinica Sanza we only use or recommend the lifetime warranty.

Are smooth or rough prostheses better?

Until 1 or 2 years ago, rough prostheses were used, but now there has been a change since it was discovered that they can cause a type of Lymphoma (LACG).

For this reason, at Clínica Sanza we place smooth prostheses again but with the same guarantees of contracture and/or breakage for life.

We consider that we do not want risks for our patients even though they are unlikely. We seek maximum safety.

Who is a candidate for breast augmentation surgery?

All those women who have reached the fullness of breast development and are not satisfied with the size of their breasts because they consider them small, the woman who feels displeasure for the way in which the bras fit because of the shape of the breast, the woman whose breasts after periods of lactation become flaccid and saggy, the woman with sagging breasts due to an accentuated weight loss, the woman with breast asymmetries (one breast different from the other) and the woman who requires breast reconstruction because she has had tumors.

At what age can breast implants be placed?

Augmentation mammoplasty can be performed as soon as a person has completed breast development. Some women have already completed this development by the age of 17.

What is a breast implant?

It is an element used to increase breast volume, the most popular and most used implants worldwide are silicone, a derivative of silica, and that can be placed retropectorally (behind the pectoral muscle) or prepectorally (in front of the pectoral muscle).

What is the difference between a round or anatomical prosthesis?

As their names indicate, they are prostheses with different shapes, the round one is of circular shape where the point of greater projection is the center of the same one whereas the anatomical one is a prosthesis of piriform form where the point of greater projection is towards the lower quadrants. The projections, measures and forms are points to be precise in the medical visit where a team of specialists awaits you in Clinica Sanza.

How is the procedure done?

In Clinica Sanza we perform the procedure in the operating room under local anesthesia and sedation, is a completely painless procedure where the patient is asleep and does not notice any painful stimulus.

Do you require hospitalization?

The procedure usually does not require hospitalization, it is on an outpatient basis, unless the patient requires it.

How’s the post-op?

The postoperative period is slightly painful and tolerable, where for the first 24 hours the patient will wear a compressive bandage and drains, which will later be removed. Then we will place a special post-operative bra and in many cases an elastic band around the chest. The recovery is gradually progressive with noticeable improvement after 72 hours where the patient can be incorporated into regular activities of little physical effort.

How long do I need to leave?

The recovery for work activities is on average between 10 and 14 days….. However, each case is individualized by virtue of the physical effort you make in your work, for some cases fewer days of rest are required and for others more.

Are there any visible scars?

Surgical approaches leave scars, which at Clínica Sanza we do our best to make them imperceptible. The surgery can be done depending on each case by means of approaches in the armpit, in the areola or in the submammary fold. Generally complying with the indications and post-operative recommendations whatever the approach used, the scars are not very visible and practically imperceptible after a certain period of time after surgery.

Will I be able to breastfeed after breast augmentation?

There is no problem with breastfeeding, after recovery and that the tissues are scarred the restitution of the tissue is complete with what you can breastfeed normally.

Will I lose the sensitivity of the areola and nipples?

Sensitivity is not affected in most cases, however in some cases in the first months after surgery is quite the opposite, there may be hypersensitivity, in other less frequent cases there may be decreased sensitivity, but in both cases after a short time is fully recovered.

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