Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Reconstruction -FAQS

What is breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a series of procedures performed on patients who have had partial or total mastectomies, and for that reason the breast or part of the breast was removed. For breast reconstruction it is possible to use muscle flaps, it is also possible to use breast implants or with a combination of these methods and others.

Does breast reconstruction surgery affect the progression of breast cancer?

No. Although many women are afraid of intervening in the area again, there are many studies that show that there is no relationship between the evolution of the disease with the different techniques of breast reconstruction after mastectomy.

And in the treatments of the disease, can it interfere?

In these cases, surgery usually does not interfere with treatments such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy, moreover in many cases it is advisable to operate first (mastectomy and reconstruction) and treat later.

Can reconstruction be performed even if a long time has passed since the mastectomy?

Yeah, there’s no bigger problem than having surgery again. Although it is always more advisable to do it in a coordinated way in the same surgical time as the mastectomy, or in the months following the surgery especially for psychological reasons of the patient.

After reconstruction Can mammograms be done?

Yes, if your doctor recommends that you continue having mammograms, be sure to find a radiology center that specializes in performing x-rays on women who have had breast reconstruction surgery and advise you of this before having a mammogram.

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