Frequently Asked Questions about Bichat Balls -FAQS

What are bichat balls?

Bichat balls are fatty accumulations located on both sides of the face, the cheeks, which have no functional relevance. They are found in the thickness of the muscle layer near the masseter muscle.

How is the procedure for the extraction of the balls of Bichat: Bichectomia?

It is a quick and simple procedure, which in Clinica Sanza we perform under local anesthesia, with a small incision in the mucosa inside the mouth on the inner side of each cheek, it is not painful and does not require sick leave.

Who are the candidates for this surgery?

All those people who want to slim a little face, either because they have rounded or with a lot of volume, also patients who want to highlight their own cheekbones or jaw without putting prosthesis but removing the balls of Bichat to highlight their features.

How long does the procedure take?

It’s a quick procedure that takes about 30-60 minutes.

How’s the post-op?

Inflammation is usually minimal and decreases gradually. The result is not noticeable in the first days but until after about two weeks when the inflammation has disappeared.

Is there a chance of damaging a nerve?

If it exists the same as when we do a facelift or blepharoplasty, but it is very rare that it happens if it is done well. In 25 years we have had no problems with liftings, Bichat balls, bichectomies or blepharoplasties.

The nerve looks good and we always removethe Bichat balls with great caution and we never injure any facial nerve.

Is it common to have a bichectomy?

A lot more than we think. Most actors, actresses and models have a bichectomy.

Doesn’t your face get too thin over the years?

No. This is a story like the one that prostheses can be broken in airplanes.

This fat, like eye bags, has nothing to do with being fatter or thinner. It is independent, and if you want a face with more defined features can be removed at any age. Over the years (80-90 years) teeth are lost and the upper and lower jawbone is retracted and this can give an aged and thin face appearance but not the Bichat balls.

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