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Frequently Asked Questions about Cheekbone Prosthesis -FAQS

cheekbone augmentation with prosthesis

What are facial implants?

Facial implants are small prostheses designed to improve facial contour and volume while respecting the anatomy of the face. For example: malar implant (cheekbones), nasal implant and chin implant, in addition to prostheses or implants you can also place the patient’s own fat or temporary filling materials such as hyaluronic acid or Aquamid type permanent fillers.

At what age can I get a chin prosthesis?

 The process of ossification of the bones of the face ends between the ages of 15 and 18. It is from this age onwards that we can assess whether he is a candidate for this intervention and if so, we can assess the position, the projection and the necessary volume.

Where do they get the fat for chin lipofilling?

It depends on each patient, which area has more fat accumulation, but is usually removed from the abdomen, the amount required is very small, what is important is the quality of fat to process and apply.

How long does the fat stay on the chin?

This fat, once assimilated by the body remains forever, is a definitive and natural implant.

If I do not want to put a prosthesis what other options are there to increase or improve the chin and jaw?

We can always resort to facial fillers, which can be temporary such as hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite (Radiesse®) or permanent fillers such as Aquamid®. When injected, they do not require surgery, are placed with a little local anesthesia and the results are immediately evident.

What is best about prostheses, fat fillers, or injectable fillers to improve the chin and jaw area?

No technique is necessarily better than another, only have different indications, in fact it is possible to complement one with another, ie you can give a little projection through a prosthesis or a fat graft and at the same time define the jaw ridge with injectable fillers. The indication on which is the most suitable option for your case will be given by our team of surgeons after a personal clinical evaluation.

Will I have a lot of pain after the chin augmentation?

 No, it is an intervention that hardly gives discomfort and if there are some are perfectly controlled with a mild analgesic.

Will I be able to eat and gesticulate normally after a chin implant?

 Yes, the only thing is that we recommend resting the area, i.e. do not gesticulate too much or chew excessively during the first hours of implant placement to avoid displacements.

When will I be able to sunbathe and UV rays?

 Normally you can sunbathe or UVA once the bruises and inflammation have disappeared, which can vary between 3 to 15 days.

When will I be able to go to the pool, the gym or do sports?

 It is recommended to gradually resume the exercise, and after two weeks of the placement and can start it, just avoid contact sports that may affect the area until about a month of placement.

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