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Frequently Asked Questions about Chin Dimple -FAQS

chin dimple

What is the procedure for making a chin dimple?

It varies, depending on the type of dimple desired and the characteristics of each patient’s chin. There are those who want a small dimple and others a thin line (split chin), in any case is a surgery with local anesthesia, very simple and with a very fast recovery.

Can I live a normal life after having my chin dimpled?

Although it is a very senillo procedure there may be some swelling and some small bruising, so it is recommended not to gesticulate excessively the first 24 hours or be exposed to the sun until the bruises disappear.

Will I have a lot of pain after the chin dimple filling?

 No, it is an intervention that hardly gives discomfort and if there are some are perfectly controlled with a mild analgesic. It only requires a little rest from the area for a few hours to avoid moving the dimple from place and remain well centered.

 Will I be able to eat and gesticulate normally after both cases?

 Yes, the only thing is that we recommend resting the area, i.e. do not gesticulate too much or chew excessively during the first 24-48 hours to avoid bruising and inflammation in the case of dimple creation.

When can I shave after surgery?

Wait 3 to 5 days to be able to shave.

If I don’t like the dimple, can I take it out?

Yes, I do. Sometimes patients come who wish to remove their very marked dimple or intermental line.

The procedure is simple and with local anesthesia like the dentist. It is done inside the mouth and leaves no scars.

How do you make a dimple?

Through a small incision inside the gums we extract a little fat from the chin and separate the muscle called the chin tassel in two halves if you want a vertical dimple or making a hole if you want a simple punctual dimple.

And how do you get a dimple out?

If you don’t like it or if it is very marked, we also enter the inside of the gums and suture the muscles that are separated or bifid in the middle line. We do not recommend fillers as they are absorbed or move quickly and do not achieve a beautiful or permanent result.

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