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Frequently asked questions about eyebrows surgery

A summary of frequently asked questions about eyebrows (FAQS) that are usually asked by our clients at Clínica Sanza Barcelona.

You can go to the page with all the frequently asked questions on the subject you are interested in by clicking on the desired treatment:

Resumen de preguntas frecuentes sobre la cirugía plástica de cejas (FAQS) que nos suelen realizar nuestros clientes en Clínica Sanza Barcelona. 

Puede ver la página con todas las preguntas frecuentes del tema que busque dando clic en el tratamiento que le interese:

tratamiento de injerto de cejas 5


It consists of providing new follicles by grafting them onto the depopulated eyebrow area.


It consists of introducing biologically compatible threads under the skin by means of needles that go from the entrances to the eyebrows.

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