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Frequently Asked Questions about Eyebrow Micrografts -FAQS

eyebrow micrografts

Why does hair fall out of your eyebrows?

There are multiple causes, the most frequent are usually due to excessive depilation, trauma or accidents, scars, endocrine diseases such as hypothyroidism, treatments such as chemotherapy or even genetic reasons that do not necessarily imply a loss of hair but if a very thin or almost non-existent eyebrow that diminishes with age.

Can you replace the hair on your eyebrows?

Yes, just like head capillary implants, micrografts can also be performed on the eyebrow, it is a simple surgery as long as it is performed by trained hands such as the Clinica Sanza team and just like hair micrografts, the eyebrows that are placed do not fall back.

Where do eyebrow micrografts come from?

The hair that is grafted in the eyebrow is usually taken from the areas with thinner hair, usually sideburns and nape, to be as similar as possible both in color and thickness to the original eyebrow.

Can eyebrow micrografts be performed on both men and women?

Of course, since the causes of eyebrow hair loss are common to both sexes is a procedure that is carried out indistinctly, the only consideration that must be taken into account is that the disposition and characteristics of the eyebrows differ between both sexes, so we must have clear both technical and aesthetic concepts to achieve the best possible results. At Clinica Sanza the priority is to restore aesthetics in the safest and most natural way possible.

Are there other procedures to repair eyebrow hair loss?

Yes, apart from micrografts, medical micro pigmentation of the eyebrow can be carried out, which consists of making microtattoos that simulate each eyebrow hair individually, which can give a more dense appearance. It is usually reserved for small areas without hair or as a complement to eyebrow micrografts.