Frequently asked questions about hair surgery

A summary of frequently asked questions about hair (FAQS) that are usually asked by our clients at Clínica Sanza Barcelona.  

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Lifting de cuero cabelludo


Scalp lifting, also called scalp reduction, consists of a surgical hair restoration operation that removes alopecic areas (bald areas) and stretches the scalp with hair forward to replace hairless areas.


Hair micrografts or hair transplants consist of extracting units with everything and their follicles from areas that are not affected by the hormone testosterone 5 alpha reductase, normally located in the posterior and lateral areas of the head, and implanting them in the bald areas. Once the capillary micrografts are integrated into the recipient area they remain for life and grow with the same characteristics as the area where the hair has been extracted.


In hair reconstruction we group together all the series of surgical procedures aimed at repairing, minimizing and solving the consequences caused by accidents, burns, tumors, diseases or birth problems that affect the hair area, implying or not the loss of hair.

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