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Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Reconstruction Surgery -FAQS

hair reconstruction

What is hair reconstruction?

In hair reconstruction we group all the series of surgical procedures aimed at repairing, minimizing and solving the consequences caused by accidents, burns, tumors, diseases or birth problems that affect the hair area, implying or not the loss of hair.

What procedures are performed in hair reconstruction?

Since there are so many possible causes that require hair reconstruction, there are also many possible procedures, at Clinica Sanza we are aware of how important it is to adapt the most correct option for each particular case. However, in a general way we could mention that in hair reconstruction skin grafts or hair micrografts can be carried out, tissue rotation (flaps), placement of expanders, resections, etc. In each case the purpose is to restore as much as possible the functionality and aesthetics of the affected area.

What is required to perform hair reconstruction?

First of all, it is necessary to make a clinical assessment of each particular case, so that we can define which is the most suitable therapeutic option or options for each patient, then we will request the most suitable studies to prepare the intervention with all the relevant safety margins and if everything is correct we will program the most suitable procedure or intervention.

Is hospitalization required for hair reconstruction?

As we have already mentioned, there are many possible procedures that can be performed to perform a hair reconstruction, some more complex than others, although the vast majority of the procedures performed at Clinica Sanza are ambulatory, can be performed under local anesthesia or in some cases with mild sedation, and in most cases recovery is simple and quick and does not normally require hospitalization.

How do I know if there is a solution for my particular case?

The best way is to request a visit to make a personal evaluation of the patient, although in some cases (especially many patients who request information from other cities in the country or abroad) it is possible to communicate with us at Clínica Sanza by email or even WhatsApp and see photos or videos and be able to give an appreciation very similar to a face-to-face consultation.

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