Frequently Asked Questions about Lip Reduction -FAQS

What is lip reduction?

Lip reduction is a simple surgical procedure in which we remove excess lip volume, upper lip, lower lip or both to give a more aesthetic and natural appearance.

Who should have a lip reduction?

Any patient who does not comfortable with the volume or shape of the lip, either the case of a lip that is naturally either large or lips that have been injected with substances, usually permanent silicone type, biopolymers or other substances that leave their imprint on the tissues of the lip, deforming them and giving an unsightly and unnatural appearance.

Why do some girls have lips like “sausage” or like duck’s lips?

One of the probable causes is that permanent materials such as biopolymers or silicones have been placed in the lips and that, with the passage of time, they have moved towards the sides of the lips or accumulated forming bulges, which gives the characteristic appearance of two unsightly black puddings.

Does this duck’s mouth have a solution?

Yes. By performing a lip reduction, it is possible to eliminate all or part of the foreign substances in the lip, returning the natural proportion to each of the areas.

How soon will I be able to speak normally after lip reduction?

Once the intervention has taken place, he can speak, but not laugh loudly or gesticulate too much. Some patients have a small reduction and others are much larger or in different areas. In any case, once the lip is deflated you will be able to gesticulate and eat normally, this may take about 3 to 5 days after surgery.

Will I lose the sensitivity of my lips if I do a reduction?

No, although there may be a decrease in sensitivity and mobility that is totally temporary, this depends very much on how extensive the reduction has to be, but usually after 5 to 10 days the lip has already recovered.

Do we have to put stitches on a lip reduction?

Yes, although these stitches are resorbable, i.e. they do not need to be removed, although occasionally they can be removed once the lip has healed without waiting for them to fall off on their own, and this is after 7-10 days.

Is it very difficult to remove the silicone from the lips?

It is performed under local anesthesia or sedation (like the dentist’s), lasts about an hour and once finished you can go home quietly. It’s not complicated for us. We have many years of experience and are pioneers in removing silicone from the lips. We have treated more than 500 patients with this problem.

What is lip reconstruction?

Lip reconstruction includes all those procedures aimed at restoring function and natural shape to the lips, whether due to congenital problems, trauma, iatrogeny, burns or disease. As there are so many corrective possibilities, it is always necessary an exhaustive evaluation by the team of surgeons at Clínica Sanza to determine which is the most appropriate procedure for your case.

Why don’t a lot of “famous” people do it?

Yes, frankly there are and we still see many people with exaggerated and ugly lips. We don’t know if these people are happy with their lips and want them so to attract attention or wish to have more natural lips. Sometimes they want them that way. Other times, they are afraid to have a surgery, but most people don’t take it back because they don’t know it. Many believe they would end up with very decreased lips after this surgery, but this is not true.

If the silicone is removed, will I run out of lips?

No, of course not. We can show you hundreds of pictures and you can see how beautiful do those lips look. We can even remove some of the silicone if you wish. It doesn’t always have to be all or nothing.

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