Hair surgery in Barcelona

Hair surgery​

We know that hair transplants can greatly improve the self-esteem of our patients, which is why at Clinica Sanza we specialise in different cosmetic surgery treatments and hair plastic surgery to reduce or eliminate baldness, also known as alopecia.

You can see below the different hair treatments that you can undergo depending on your case.

Lifting de cuero cabelludo

Scalp lift

It consists in a superficial elongation of the scalp, covering alopecic areas on the crown and laterals, or increasing the donor areas with micro-grafts if it is scarce of hair. It is also done in patients who wish to advance the first line of hair implantation, ie reduce a very clear forehead.

cabello, trasplante capilar FUE

Hair transplant FUE

It consists of extracting the patient’s own hair from the lateral areas or the nape of the neck, where hair rarely falls out, and placing it in the areas affected by alopecia.

It is a technique that does not leave scars, is the most laborious of all and is currently the most perfect that exists.

cabello, reconstruccion capilar

Capillary reconstruction

People who have a dysfunction or malformation due to genetic or traumatic causes such as tumours, accidents or scars.

Hair reconstruction requires a specific assessment of the problem in order to find the most suitable therapeutic option for each particular case.

cabello, trasplante capilar FUT o FUSS

Hair transplant FUT or FUSS

It consists of removing a piece of scalp one or two centimetres wide from an area of the head that has a lot of hair. This strip is then divided into smaller pieces that are implanted again in the area with alopecia.

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