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Interview with Dr Ignacio Fernández Sanza in La Vanguardia

Dr. Ignacio Sanza, Plastic Surgeon. Director of Sanza Clinic

“Plastic surgery is a tool to increase the patient’s self-esteem”

With more than 25 years in practice, Dr. Ignacio Sanza leads a team of seven medical specialists who, always under his supervision, attend patients in their clinics in Barcelona, Lleida and Castellón. 

Dr Ignacio Sanza

Clínica Sanza - consulta

You are a person with a great artistic sensitivity, painter and music lover. How have you used it in your profession?

It has been a great help, I have no qualms about qualifying myself first as an artist and then as a medical surgeon expert in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. A specialty for which I have always had an absolute vocation and to which I have applied my talent for the plastic arts. To this would be added another, even more important element, which is the satisfaction of helping people to be happier.

Do you think cosmetic surgery makes us happier?

Of course, it is a serious mistake to qualify frivolous cosmetic surgery. On the contrary, well done and acting with all the respect and empathy that the patient deserves, it is a very useful tool to eliminate complexes and increase the patient’s self-esteem.

How has access to plastic surgery changed in general?

The changes have been important. At this time, men and women of all ages come to our office. We still have more female audience, but the increase of men has been very important.

Do you mean women of all ages?

Yes, we have young girls who touch their breasts, nose or liposuction. In this aspect I would emphasize that many girls wear breast prostheses, small and that make them have a more beautiful and elegant bust than the natural one. For women who have been recent mothers we perform actions on the body contour: chest, stretch marks of the abdomen, skin bags and treatments on the face. We also have patients over 60 years of age, for whom we mainly act on the face and neck.

“Every time I believe more in the strength of plastic surgery to make people happier

And for men?

30% of our patients are men. The youngest ask us for treatments on their body contour, such as liposuction or the placement of prosthesis on pectorals, biceps or buttocks and six abdominal packs, mandibular angles, chin, etc … This group also wants to highlight your abdomen and torso. From the age of 50, rejuvenation techniques on the face and also surgery on jowls and chins. Hair transplants are also common.

Do you also perform penis treatments at your clinic?

Yes, but disconnected from the erection. We have a series of treatments aimed at not retract so much at rest, increase the thickness and to remove excess skin both in the penis and in the lax testicles.

When do you think that a good cosmetic surgery treatment has been carried out?

There is a variable that does not fail, which is the happiness of the patient. When he is satisfied, grateful, when he has eliminated a complex and has reinforced his self-esteem, we can say that we have done our job well. In addition, now many patients share their environment that they have operated.

You have carried out more than 8,000 operations in 25 years of profession. At what professional moment is it?

Modestly, I believe that I am in the fullness of my professional activity. The experience and constant training ¬ I attend at least two specialized congresses annually ¬, have given me a maturity and a very high technical training that allows me to meet the needs of my most demanding patients. At this moment I can perform all kinds of aesthetic interventions. In addition, I maintain empathy and closeness to the patient just like the first day and every time I believe more in the strength of plastic surgery to make people happier.


The elegance of a clean and smooth neck

Despite the advances of aesthetic medicine, the improvement of some parts of the body such as the chest or neck: can only be done through plastic surgery. As Dr. Sanza points out, “aesthetic medicine techniques such as threads, lasers, fillings or hyaluronic acid give good results on the face, but they do not work for the neck, where we must go through the operating room even if it is ambulatory form with our weekend lift technique.



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  • Date: 7-04-2018
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