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High Definition (HD) Liposuction Treatments in Barcelona


Clínica Sanza Barcelona has gained great international reputation in liposuction plastic surgery. We are one of the clinics that has performed more liposuction operations in Europe and of greater size, we remove in a single operation more than 15 kilos of fat. We use the latest High Definition (HD) techniques to obtain the best results.

Below you can find a summary of the different cosmetic surgery treatments and liposuction plastic surgery that can be done in different areas of the body and performed Sanza Clinic in Barcelona.

The combination of conventional liposuction, lipolaser, lipovibrosuction and lipolaser with ultrasound, allows us to achieve the results that we are going to show you, next, in high definition. It is the most perfect technique currently available to achieve the best body remodeling.

You can see the page with complete information about any of them by clicking on the one you are interested in.

Liposucción HD y Lipofilling - Dr Méndez

Face and neck liposuction

Men and women that genetically present a neck with jowls or fat and wish to achieve a definition.

Patients that whish to thin down the thickness of their face: cheeks, nasogenian grooves, mandibular contour, etc.

The combination of conventional liposuction, lipolaser, lipovibrosuction and lipolaser with ultrasound, achieves high definition results. These techniques are the most accurate that exist now days in regards to body remodelling.

Prótesis de bíceps, triceps y hombros - Dr Giuseppe Anastasi

Pectoral liposuction and gynecomastia

Young or old men that develop an abnormal mammary tissue or fat, or either, between the pectoral and areola.

Severe self-esteem issues, especially in summer, in the gym or in intimate relations, as there is a feminine appearance that cannot be shifted with sport or diet.

Liposucción HD y Lipofilling - Dr Méndez

Arms and axillas liposuction

Men and women which desire to lose weight on their arms and axilla.

Patients that genetically accumulate fat in these areas and whish to define arms and the axilla area (which are very bothersome for women as they wear bras).

Men that even with exercise and a good diet can not define their arms, axilla area or define pectoral muscle.

Women with a very large breast base which implies skin irritation when wearing a bra, certain clothes or even with their own arms.

Liposucción HD y Lipofilling - Dr Méndez

Abdomen and back liposuction

Men and women with a genetical predisposition or life rhythm that cause an accumulation of fatty tissue in the abdomen or back, and would whish for these areas to be well defined.

Also, patients that look after their diet and practice exercise come to us, seeking to define the abdominal musculature (six pack).

Liposucción de pubis Masculino

Male pubis liposuction

Male patients come when the pubic bone protrudes or even hangs at the base of the penis and makes the penis look shorter than it really is.

Liposucción de púbis femenino

Female pubis liposuction

It is common for women to bulge their pubic area and make it uncomfortable for them to wear tight clothing or when they put on a bathing suit or bikini.

Liposucción HD y Lipofilling - Dr Méndez

Buttocks liposuction and celulite

Men and women, although in women It’s more frequent, that by genetics there is a heritage of greater fatty tissue cells in the buttocks area. This is also called lipodystrophy.

We call cellulite, the orange peel looking skin or the small dimples that are also seen in the area.

Sometimes we observe the two pathologies, lipodystrophy and cellulite together.

Even with a good diet, exercise and sport, in many cases there is still no improvement or very little if any. The only solution left would be the high definition liposuction.

Liposucción HD y Lipofilling - Dr Méndez

Leg liposuction

Patients that would like to improve the volume, shape or cellulite of their legs.

Patients that look after their diet and practise exercise and still have accumulated fat in: thighs, knees, inner side or any area of their legs.

Patients that genetically develop more fat in their legs in comparison to their arms, shoulders, and abdomen.

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