Pene enterrado u oculto

Men genital surgery, male intimate surgery

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Summary of the different male intimate surgeryperformed at Clínica Sanza in Barcelona.

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genitales hombre, alargamiento de pene

Penis enlargement

genitales hombre, aumento del grosor del pene

Penis thickness increase

Pene enterrado u oculto
Buried or hidden penis
Not to be confused with penis enlargement!

This treatment is for patients with a normal sized penis, however, due to the fat or skin from the pubic area that hangs over the penis, it seems smaller. In other words, the penis is buried or hidden under the pubic fat.

genitales hombre, fimosis e incurvaturas penianas

Phimosis, paraphimosis and penile incurvatures

Male pubis liposuction

Male pubic liposuction

genitales hombre, protesis testiculares

Testicular prosthesis

genitales hombre, reduccion de exceso de piel de escroto

Scrotum excess skin reduction