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Men genital surgery​

Male intimate surgery​

Summary of the different male intimate surgeries performed at Clínica Sanza in Barcelona.

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Alargamiento de pene

Penis enlargement

It consists in a simple surgery to enlarge the penis some centimeters.
Engosamiento de pene

Penis thickness increase

It consists of filling the penis circumference with extracted fat form the own patient or with temporal filling substances or biological meshes.

Buried or hidden penis

Not to be confused with penis enlargement! This treatment is for patients with a normal sized penis, however, due to the fat or skin from the pubic area that hangs over the penis, it seems smaller. In other words, the penis is buried or hidden under the pubic fat.
Patologías del pene

Phimosis and penile incurvatures

It consists of surgically correcting the penis shape due to congenital or acquired alterations, and the excess of foreskin skin (paraphimosis).
Alargamiento de pene

Male pubic liposuction

The treatment at Clínica Sanza in Barcelona consists of removing the excessive fatty tissue from the pubis and retracting the skin in the most effective way to achieve a better appearance of the prominent pubis.
Prótesis de testículos

Testicular prosthesis

It consists in placing a prosthesis in the scrotum made of material that does not cause immunological reaction integrating in a natural way.

Scrotum excess skin reduction

It consists in reducing surgically the excess skin from the scrotum and restore the testicle appearance in a more juvenile and more comfortable way for patients that suffer from lax testicles.