Face lifting, facelift or rhytidectomy

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“Face lifting”, “facelift”, “Face pull”, “Rhytidectomy” or “Lifting”, “submentoplasty”, “mini lifting” … are the most common and known terms to describe small surgical procedures performed at Clínica Sanza Barcelona that pull and tens the skin around the face or neck. With this, we reduce wrinkles, flaccidity, excess skin and achieve a younger and more natural aspect. That is to say, do not inflate the faces with substances such as hyaluronic acid and other fillers but restore their natural youth.

In some occasions, we treat structures under the name SMAS. With this technique, described further on, we achieve longer lasting results and a greater perfection.

Clínica Sanza in Barcelona, Spain, is a centre of reference in the treatment of face lifting.

Diferent methods to improve the face and neck

  1. Simple techniques– creams, massages, lotions, serums, …
  2. Techniques with a minimum invasive procedure– soft or strong peelings, mesotherapy, tensing threads, laser, Facial Radio Frequency, ….
  3. Surgical techniquesFacial lifting (SMAS– Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), weekend lift, mini lifting, …

Video: Face Lift – Rhytidectomy (audio and text in spanish)

From what age can we proceed with a facial lifting?

Whenever your skin needs it and you whish to proceed with the intervention.

Normally, these surgical interventions are applied to an age rage of 40 and above. However, in certain circumstances, such as, a great loss of weight, which create flaccidity of the skin, the age can be younger. Also, there are skins that are genetically laxer or have been in excess contact with the sun or other oxidative agents. Thus, creating a breakage of the collagenous molecules, which in turn, generates a premature aging effect of the skin.

In whichever case, the majority of the patients are found in an age range of 40 to 60 years old. However, face lifts can also be appropriate for patients that have an age range between 60 and 80 years old, and still have great results. Always taking into consideration illnesses or contraindicative circumstances.  

Are there any problems with a facelift?

The weekend lift for face and neck does not have any contraindication in particular. In reality, it is one of the safest lifting techniques. Its contraindications are exactly the same as any other surgical intervention. With a good preoperative study on behalf of the doctors and the anaesthetist will ensure a safe surgery and determine whether it can be proceeded or not, and in the case of being in good health, age does not matter.


All surgical or medical treatments have a certain risk or a possibility of complications during the procedures. However, there is a very low percentage of these and it is highly compensated by the end result.

In whichever case, all medical measures are taken to prevent any complication and reduce the risks to low or none.

Face Lifting Techniques

SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), Weekend lift or Mini lifting, are very similar surgical techniques. They are differentiated by the height and depth of the incision allowing the separation of the skin to work on the internal areas of the face and neck.

In aesthetic surgery, the incisions are made on the most discreate areas of the face and eyelids, being less noticeable and camouflaged.

SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System) Facial pulling technique


With the SMAS technique, the incision will start at the template hair line advancing downwards, always following the hairline, passing in front of the ear and ending at the back of the auricular area.  

After dissecting the skin, we can reposition the malar fat (SMAS), generating a younger face and a wrinkle reduction.

Lastly, we remove the excess skin and stich.

Usually we use two different types of sutures: reabsorption stiches for the internal side and non-reabsorption stiches to bind the skin with an intradermic technique.

We cover with a special bandage to reduce bruising, seroma and edema.

In some occasions, we can also proceed with a submentoplasty. In other words, a plastic intervention of the platysma muscle to improve the neck bands. Which is named as Muscle platysma plication.

Weekend lift o “weekend face lift”

In North America and other countries with so much tradition in cosmetic surgery such as Brazil and Venezuela have coined the term “weekend lift” which encompasses a series of aesthetic-surgical procedures, minimally invasive and ambulatory, which allow to recover from 5 to 20 years of youth of the face and neck in a quick, simple, natural and elegant.

Our technique is milar to the SMAS. However, we use smaller incisions as we do not need the skin as separated to work with, as we get deep into it right away.

The incision line in this procedure does not finalize behind the ear, instead, it ends in front of the ears. We dissect the immediate skin that needs to be improved. This procedure is normally focused on patients that have flaccid skin.

What does it consist of?

It is a practically painless and effective technique that is practiced in consultation under local anesthesia. It consists of a simple stretching of the skin of the face and neck by means of some stitches, tightening but without making lose the expression. After the procedure, we place a bandage from 24 to 48 hours (weekend) and when we remove it we observe the result with hardly any inflammation and bruises.

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Does it hurt? Not at all. It does not hurt. The sensation is of a slight tension behind the ears during the three days following the intervention, which diminishes as the hours go by. Most patients can go outside the day after surgery. Rarely hematomas appear, what usually is a small inflammation that only lasts those three days. To protect against infections, the patient must wear a bandage during the first 24 hours.

Who can it be applied to?

It is indicated indistinctly in women or men, between 40 and 70 years old, even younger, in which the stigmas of aging are incipient and a quick, simple solution is required and not as bulky as a conventional facelift.

Mini lifting

Mini face lifts have as main goal the improvement of very specific areas where there are signs of aging, such as, the face, forehead or neck.

This procedure is less traumatic and the postoperative process is faster.

In Clínica Sanza we recommend the weekend lift as it has great results and very low postoperative risks.

This procedure provides greater and more natural results.

Doctor Sanza and the rest of the medical team have great experience for all type of procedures, ranging from the simplest of interventions to the most complicated. Our team use the latest technologies, equipment and surgical techniques present now days.

We are here to help, improve and rejuvenate your appearance in the most sophisticated, elegant, safe and natural manner.

Examples for the weekend lift technique used at Clinica Sanza Barcelona


Rejuvenecimiento facial en Barcelona

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