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Nose surgery

There are different nose surgeries: Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, Turbinoplasty, Rhinophyma, Perfiloplasty and Rhinomodeling. Each one serves a different purpose, whether it is to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose or to improve proper breathing.

In this section we can see a summary of the different cosmetic surgery and nose plastic surgery treatments performed by Clínica Sanza in Barcelona.

From here you can access the page that explains each one in detail and expand the information.

rinoplastia ultrasonica - Dr Méndez


Rhinoplasty is a surgery that serves exclusively to change the physical appearance of the nose. Its objective is not to improve how you breathe, it is only an aesthetic issue, the external appearance of the nose.

Rinoplastia funcional, solucionar problemas de respiración

Septoplasty - Nasal septum

Septoplasty is an operation to fix breathing problems caused by a deviated nasal septum. The nasal septum is an unseen cartilage in the middle of the nose, between the two nostrils.

This procedure achieves two results, better breathing and fixing the deviation of the nose to improve the aesthetic appearance.


Turbinoplasty - Turbinates

Turbinoplasty is a surgery whose objective is to reduce the size of the turbinates of the nose. It is done to improve breathing in people who for various reasons cannot breathe well.



Rhinophyma is a disease that affects the skin of the nose as a consequence of the obstruction of the sebaceous glands, resulting in a progressive thickening of the nasal skin with redness and cyst formation.

Perfiloplastia - Dr Jordi Rodríguez


Perfiloplasty consists of surgically correcting the features that condition the profile of the face: nose, chin and cheekbones. Thus, rhinoplasty, mentoplasty, malarplasty or frontoplasty can be combined and performed at the same time.

Rinomodelación, Dr Jordi Rodríguez


Rhinomodelation consists of improving small depressions or nasal defects by injecting a substance to make the dorsum straighter. It is an intervention that we perform in the same office of Clínica Sanza, in Barcelona. We do not go into the operating room.

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