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Pectoral surgery​

Pectoral surgery​

Pectoral plastic surgery is designed for men. It includes different operations on male pectoral muscles that can help us to improve different aspects. Clínica Sanza in Barcelona has been exclusively dedicated to plastic surgery for more than 30 years and to placing implants in different areas of the body for patients who request them.

In this section we explain very briefly what each type of pectoral plastic surgery operation we can offer you. From here you can access the page where each one is explained in detail and get more information.


Pectoral liposuction and gynecomastia

It consists of removing the subcutaneous fat located in the chest area by suctioning it with a small liposuction, which gives an appearance that is too feminine for the personal taste of some men.

Prótesis de pectorales - Dr Anastasi

Pectoral prosthesis

It consists of placing a prosthesis in the pectoral area for all those people who wish to emphasise their pectoral muscles and who, due to their physical constitution, cannot achieve this no matter how much they go to the gym.

reconstrucción de pectorales - foto 4

Pectoral reconstruction

All cases of reconstruction are different. For this reason, we must rely on the doctor’s judgment, which with its specific assessment of our case, will indicate to us the best option to treat our pectoral reconstruction.
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