Bioplasty and Lipofilling

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These two medical terms are booming in the world of medicine and Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

Bioplasty define the set of non-surgical techniques, which together, allow changing physical features of the face or allow non-surgical rejuvenation.

A few years ago applied separately, achieving poor results, even inconspicuous little lasting basis or more treatment sessions.

With the new concept of Bioplasty empower even results in durability.

The set of procedures we must cast graze requests a Bioplasty we are: the infiltration of vitamins, trace elements, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, botox, RF and tripolar bi, attached to or fractional ablative laser, phenols or other peeling besides abrasive and suspending wires vehiculizantes products.

If all this cocktail facials we add the infiltration of fat tissue enriched, ie the lipofilling, then the end result can say is optimal and very similar to the surgical facelifts. The allowed lipofiling also revolutionize the concept of lipoplasty or three.

The fat grafting and open up a wide range of therapeutic possibilities in the world of beauty or Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic.

The surgery does not require lipoplasty or hospitalization, no anesthetic but if the patient prefers a mild sedation can be done.

The set of techniques and determine what products to use always the surgeon and the patient as the desired result, ie a slight rejuvenation, more noticeable rejuvenation or change some aspect of facial appearance, as a negative vector, a sag, a unwanted default, etc …

Both lipofilling Bioplasty as unique treatments are considered, ie, no need to go every week or every month, or do several sessions, but does not exclude the possibility of doing some retouching a week of treatment at 3 months for enhanced or more the effect obtained evidence.

Prices are more affordable than skin lifting procedures or skin and muscle but are highly variable from one patient to another depending on the cocktail of treatments used in each Bioplasty and the type of skin, physiological aging individual patient.

We must be aware at all times that the Bioplasty with lipofiling has some specific indications and should not be abused or used in any patient. It is not about replacing a rejuvenation technique on the other, if not indicate complement and knowing.

As with any treatment, whether medical or surgical, can cause deformation abuses which in some cases can cause an undesirable outcome or unnatural.

In Clinical Sanza always seek treatment easier, less aggressive, more economical, more natural and ultimately get the desired result for the patient. If it is better to reposition or straighten excess skin, fat or muscle never make a Bioplasty, if not a weekend lift or if necessary a conventional facelift.

That is why a professional should know all the medical and surgical techniques to apply the most appropriate to each patient and smarter

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