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Plastic Surgeon or Family Doctor: Rich MIR or poor MIR?

article about perspective of new doctors

The Journal of Medical Writing speaks with residents of different specialties to know their job prospects

None of the 54 specialties that make up the Sanitary Training are similar. Any. Each one has specific, special and significant characteristics, which often lead residents to opt for one and not for another. Many doctors recognize that the vocation for a specific specialty called them from the start. Others, on the contrary, explain that before choosing they had to study the pros and cons of several possibilities.

This is the case of Márc López, R3 in Cardiovascular Surgery at the University Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca of Murcia, who was not clear until the last moment before pressing the button that assigned him his place. Lopez seriously doubted between Pediatric Surgery and Cardiovascular Surgery, because according to him “it is always easier to deal with adults than with children, although these have always dazzled me”.

Now he recognizes that the decision that took him to the Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital is the best he could have made. “Since I arrived, they have treated me as one more. I have always felt part of the Cardiology team of the hospital and there is no day that I go home without having learned something new. This specialty is definitely my true vocation “, explains this future surgeon.

“Before it was much easier to find stability in this specialty, but now the offer has been reduced and competition has increased. Still, I trusted my possibilities and my specialty. I’ve always believed that the best are left, so I fight every day to achieve it, “responds Lopez, 28, who from time to time talks with his colleagues in Pediatric Surgery to ask about their experiences and not lose sight of the one that was one day his second favorite specialty. Precisely, the study ‘The work situation of the doctors of Spain’, prepared by the Collegial Medical Organization (OMC) and the State Confederation of Medical Trade Unions (CESM), reveals that the specialty with More unemployment rate is yours: Cardiovascular Surgery, with a 12 percent average. When asked about this he recognizes that “the situation has changed” but that has never been a problem for him.

Labor projection

If cardiovascular surgery is the cross of employment, the plastic is the face. According to the same study, the unemployment rate of this specialty is zero. That is, these specialists enjoy full labor and economic health. But the challenge of getting a position in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in the MIR exam is not easy.

The next call of places MIR contemplates a total of 37 places, which “are among the first to run out”. To obtain one of them, two things are necessary: an outstanding mark in the MIR test and a vocation for the specialty.

In the year in which Luis Díaz agreed there were 36 places. He, luckily, entered the first thanks to a good score obtained in the MIR exam. Today it is R2 in the area of Plastic Surgery of the University Hospital La Paz.

Article photo 20-11-2017

“In my specific case I hesitated between two surgeries, the plastic and the cardiac. Finally I opt for plastic surgery because it is one hundred percent surgical, it operates throughout the body, we treat many different tissues, we treat bones, we treat blood vessels, the skin, of course, and also the job prospects are much better in comparison to cardiovascular surgery “, recognizes this plastic surgery resident who left his Granada to move to a bigger city like Madrid.

Being a plastic surgeon is not easy for any resident. The need to be almost a virtuoso with the scalpel involves a lot of effort and work during the residency in the hospital. Diaz knows well that explains that “with a lot of practice, daily experience and especially motivation ends up being a great surgeon”. But these are not the only requirements that a perfect doctor must meet: “You also have to be a good person with your colleagues and with patients.”

In this line, this 26-year-old from Granada emphasizes that “the employment possibilities existing between the two specialties made him opt for Plastic.” The training provided by the Plastic Surgery Department of La Paz Hospital is “excellent” and all “my colleagues they are about to finish their residency they are very happy and satisfied with what they have learned “. On those who have already finished, Diaz acknowledges that “none have had problems when it comes to finding a job when leaving.”

“Cardiovascular surgery has a very high unemployment rate and plastic surgery has employment options in public and private. In addition, in public health this specialty is expanding more and more because society needs to improve their well-being. More value is given to plastic reconstructions, aspects that are not vital but do increase the patient’s quality of life “, concludes Luis Díaz, stressing that there is no minor specialty.

The best reward

The fact that many consider Family Medicine to be the ‘ugly duckling’ of specialties because it offers the most places and therefore the least grade needed in the MIR exam, ends up becoming the swan of the doctor-patient relationship. This is confirmed by Marta Chamorro, a second-year family resident at the Surgical Hospital of Jaén, who explains that “my first option was Family Medicine”.

“I am very happy with my decision and once you are working day after day, even more. Now we are making rotations between the health center and the hospital, and that is where you realize that you feel more identified with the patients in the health center consultation. Because they are your patients, you know the family, while in the hospital it is all colder, “explains Chamorro during his day of release.

For her, the word humanization has a more special meaning. “Now that I’m rotating through cardiology or other surgeries and do not see that humanization with the patient because contact with it is almost minimal in the operating room. On the other hand, in Family the figure of the patient is constantly represented, “reflects this jiennense defender of public health.

Precisely, this defense of the public was one of the reasons that led him to opt for Family Medicine, without taking into account the employment options that could have in the future. “The best way to defend public health was by dedicating myself to it through Family Medicine. To choose another surgical specialty that could open the doors of private health directly to me, I did not even think about it “, reaffirms Chamorro.

Although you are starting your R2, you already have several experiences that reaffirm your specialty as unique. This is the case of an elderly lady who arrived at the emergency department of her hospital. “When he saw that a young girl was going to take care of her, he was surprised. But at the time of the assistance, and seeing that I am a professional, I treat her with care, with delicacy and with affection, she leaves very happy. She even hugged me to say goodbye, “recalls with affection this future doctor and consultant, who as well recognizes these gestures of their patients” is the best reward. “

Source: The Medical Drafting Journal

Date: 11-18-2017