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Breast augmentation and liposuction, the plastic surgeries most demanded by the Spanish

Noticia de la SECPRE 3-11-2017

The Spaniards seem to crave silhouettes like those of Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez. Constantino Mendieta, speaker at the International Congress of the Spanish Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (AECEP), held in Madrid, says that “patients increasingly want to have huge buttocks”, looking for a more Latin figure than usual in European.

The favorite operation of the Spanish women, however, is breast augmentation, followed by liposuction and rhinoplasty; the same order of preference as in the whole world. In any case, Dr. Mendieta clarified that unlike the buttocks, breasts “have returned to a smaller proportion, more limited, less exuberant, more European.”

The president of the AECEP, Francisco Menéndez-Graiño, explained that what women are now looking for is natural in their interventions, especially in the chest. «Silicone breast prostheses cause problems such as separation of breasts or appearance of folds. The solution to this problem lies in the application of grease. With it, we seek to thicken the tissues, reduce irregularities and ultimately achieve that the intervention performed is not noticed, obtaining a more natural result “.

The most hated matter in the human body for centuries has become a gold mine in plastic surgery. “Who would have thought that fat was going to become the magic pill for rejuvenation? It has the ability to transform the body in ways that could never be achieved with exercise, diet or whatever. This is a revolution that is not more than 10 years old, “Mendieta added.

Can one increase the chest only with body fat? “Yes,” said Menéndez-Graiño. “We studied the risk involved in this technique, given the possibility of increasing the appearance of cancer in the area and showed that there was no problem. I, like many, do breast augmentation with fat, but it comes out considerably more expensive than prostheses, probably double. ” The reason is that the procedure requires two surgeries, one of liposuction and purification of the fat and the other, implantation in the breasts.

According to the AECEP, Spain is a world power of the specialty. Not only by the number but also by the level of the surgeons, who work in an open society and without prejudice. In fact, he revealed, 15% of patients are men.


Source: elnortedecastilla.es

Date: 2017.11.03

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