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Plastic surgery videos classified by body areas

Face surgery videos

All videos are subtitled in English

Face lift   Face liposuction
Forehead lift   Scalp lift
Lifting eyebrows with thread lift   Eyebrow lifts
Blepharoplasty: Eyelid surgery – Introduction   Blepharoplasty of the lower eyelid   Blepharoplasty of the upper eyelid   Lifting of the upper third: Eye lift, eyebrow lift, hairline lift, forehead lift
Rhinoplasty   Septoplasty   Turbinoplasty   Rhinophyma   Rhinomodelling
Bichectomy – Removal of the Bichat Balls   Cheekbone augmentation: with prosthesis, own fat or hyaluronic acid
Otoplasty: What can we solve with plastic surgery?
Lip augmentation, lip lift, lip reconstruction and biopolymer lip removal   Aumento de labios con ácido hialurónico
Chin and jaw augmentation with prostheses, own fat or hyaluronic acid fillers
Submentoplasty: Remove double chin   Neck lift

Body surgery videos

All videos are subtitled in English

Breast augmentation with prosthesis   Breast augmentation with own fat   Breast lift and reduction   Breast Reconstruction and Mastectomy
Gynecomastia: Pectoral Liposuction   Pectoral prostheses
Biceps, triceps and shoulder augmentation using prosthesis or own fat   Liposuction of the arms
Abdominal and back liposuction, filling of other areas with own fat   Abdominoplasty   Difference between abdominoplasty and liposuction   Prótesis de abdominales
Vaginoplasty, Vaginal rejuvenation   Nymphoplasty: Labia minora reduction   Hymenoplasty: Restoration of the hymen   Labia Majora Rejuvenation   Liposuction of the female pubic area
Penis enlargement   Penis enlargement   Testicular prosthesis   Scrotoplasty: Reduction of the scrotal skin   Male pubic liposuction   Buried or hidden penis   Phimosis and penile pathologies
Buttock augmentation with own fat or with prostheses   Biopolymer removal from buttocks and other areas of the body   Buttocks liposuction   Buttock lift
Legs liposuction and lipedema   Calf muscle prosthesis
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