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Abdominal prosthesis | six pack

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Abdominal prosthesis | six pack

Abdominal prosthesis, a surgery to improve definition of the six pack, has increased in popularity.

Clínica Sanza Barcelona, is a reference center for this type of surgery as it has an exclusive service dedicated to men.


Men which are thin and toned, however, even with the practice of sport they do not develop abdominal muscles.

Also, men that wish to define their abdominal muscles.

Not recommended if the patient has a distended abdomen or is overweight. In such cases, we recommend a high definition liposuction.

–  Please see liposuction 2D or HD through this link –


This surgery is held in a hospital theatre.

It consists in making a pubic incision and separating the skin until the ribs are reached.

Once the abdominal muscles are seen, we then place each silicone prosthesis under the fascia that covers the 6 abdominal muscles, some people have 8. They are not always identical or symmetrical. If you see photographs of men with their abdominal six pack defined, it is easy to see that they are not symmetrical. This is why we have to shape them and adapt them to the patient’s specific size.

The type of silicone is solid but flexible, similar to cheek, chin or mandibular angle prosthesis. Other Prosthesis, such as, biceps, triceps, shoulder, buttocks or calves, have a high cohesive gel recovered by a capsule.


  • 4 yo 5 hours.



  • Patient evaluation to ensure suitability for six pack prosthesis surgery or if a high definition liposuction is more appropriate.
  • Follow the team and Doctor’s advice and protocol.
  • Tests: blood, cardiac and X-ray if needed.


  • General or epidural.


  • 24 to 48 hours.


  • One week of rest
  • Wear a corset during a month, which will be provided by Clinica Sanza
  • Sports can be practiced one-month posterior to surgery


  • Six pack or abdominal muscle definition
  • Rejuvenated athletic appearance
  • Psychological self esteem improvement

Level of difficulty

  • Medium

Risk level

  • Low-medium
  • Intervention risks: haemorrhage, infection, scaring alterations
  • Possible prosthesis displacement. Very rare. If this happens, a retouch would be needed

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