aumento de mamas con protesis

Breast augmentation surger with prosthesis | Augmentation mammoplasty

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Breast augmentation surgery with prosthesis or Mammoplasty performed in Clínica Sanza Barcelona is the breast plastic reconstruction. The purpose may be breast augmentation or reduction, or fallen breast correction, asymmetries or developmental deformities in adolescence. This intervention involves a change in the volume and shape of the breasts.

Breasts augmentation with prosthesis is performed by an augmentation mammoplasty done by placement of round or anatomical implants, that can be done in different ways.

Clínica Sanza in Barcelona, Spain, is a centre of reference in breast augmentation suregry with prosthesis.


Generally, women who consider that their breasts are too small, and people who want a gender change.

This intervention is also indicated for the breast asymmetrie corrections, and the restoration of the natural volume after pregnancy and lactation, loss of weight or the age.

Breasts reconstruction after the extirpation of the breast by medical causes, such as tumors and cancer, deserve a special treatment. If this is your case, consult our section: Breast reconstruction, where you will find all the information you need.


The doctor will make a previous evaluation of each case to ensure that the final result is appropriate to the wishes and needs of the patient. In this phase, the specialist will value the volume, the projection of the breast, the skin quality and the physical constitution, among other factors. Depending on the type of breast you want, we will advise round or drop prosthesis with more or less base and projection.

The doctor will then advise on the access area and the position of the prosthesis. The implants can be placed via the submammary, abdominal, transareolar, axillary or periareolar, which is usually the most common.

The prostheses are placed in three zones: under the gland, under the muscular fascia or under the pectoral muscle. The volume of the existing breast prior to the intervention will determine the location. Generally, they are usually placed under the muscle since the aesthetic and functional results are more satisfactory.

Finally, the incision is sutured and the drains are placed, which must be worn for 24 hours.

We advise you to show us a picture of the type of breast you desire to specify more accurately the  type of implant and determine which anatomical structure  is best.


  • From 1 to 2 hours.



  • Evaluation of the area to determine if the treatment is suitable.
  • Following the correct guidelines that are set by the doctor.
  • Blood tests and general testing (cardiac and respiratory diagnostics).
  • Ultrasound scan and/or a mammography.


  • Local and sedation.


  • Ambulatory or 24h hospitalization.


  • Medication if required.
  • Drainage and compression bandage from 24 to 48 h.
  • Once drainage and bandages are removed, use of a special bra.
  • Mandatory revisions after a few days, a few weeks and a few months, according to prescription.


  • From 3 to 4 days.
  • Avoid picking up weights and making abrupt movements from 10 to 20 days.
  • Use of sports bra, and comfortable and loose clothing the first few days.
  • Do not play sports or activities that require effort for at least a month.


  • Desired breast augmentation.
  • Breasts replacement.
  • Breasts balance and symmetry.
  • Natural and perfect appearance and consistency of the treated breasts.
  • Improvement of the patient’s psychological profile and self-esteem.


  • Simple intervention.


  • Low.
  • Common risks the intervention could have: Capsular contracture, implant rupture, implant rotation, rejection.
  • Risks of all interventions: hemorrhage, infection, scarring alteration.


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