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High definition (HD) abdomen and back liposuction surgery

English subtitled video

The abdominal liposuction operation at Clínica Sanza in Barcelona, consists of removing the adipocytes or cells that contain the fat under the skin, in the abdomen and back area, through various methods.

The combination of conventional liposuction, lipolaser, lipovibrosuction and lipolaser allows us to achieve in a single operation the results that we are going to show you below, in high definition. It is the most perfect technique that exists today to achieve the best body contouring. Not everything is done with a single method and not everything with another, to have a high resolution definition is necessary to combine several of the techniques in the same operation.

Liposucción - extraccion de grasa


It is not always possible to use all the existing methods to perform liposuction. It will depend on the quality of the patient’s skin, age, amount of fat to be removed, area to be treated, but of the patient, etc.

Different liposuction techniques available today

  • Conventional liposuction

  • Vibroliposuction

  • Lipovaser

  • Lipolaser

The following is a brief explanation of each of these liposuction techniques currently available.

Conventional liposuction

Traditionally in liposuction, fat is removed by inserting a cannula (a long thin tube) into the space between the skin and the muscles. This is where the fat that we are going to remove, the love handles, accumulates. This cannula has small holes at the tip and is connected to a kind of vacuum cleaner that removes the fat from the area through which the cannula passes.

Cánula de liposucción convencional

The plastic surgeon who performs conventional liposuction has to manually go through the entire area to be treated, like a mini vacuum cleaner of fat.


It is the technique we currently use the most for the results it gives and because it facilitates the work. It is very similar to conventional liposuction but the device that sucks the fat also makes the cannula move up and down a few centimeters, so that the plastic surgeon does not have to use force. The cannula penetrates the area to be treated without force and with great precision.


This achieves the following benefits:

  • Reduces the complications and risks involved in conventional liposuction.
  • It reduces the operation time because it removes more fat in less time.
  • Allows fat to be aspirated from virtually the entire body except the face.
  • Can be performed on older patients
  • Provides more perfect results
  • Faster recovery because of the precision it gives in penetrating the fat
  • Aspires in areas of the body that otherwise could not be done or would be more complicated: back, abdomen sides and collarbone area.


The lipovaser is a device similar to the vibroliposuctor but works with ultrasound. What it does is to dissolve the fat with ultrasound, it makes it liquid and then it can be removed more easily.

It is a treatment that achieves a greater body remodeling than traditional liposuction. It can treat a wide variety of areas: from the largest areas (abdomen or legs) to the smallest (double chin, arms or ankles), areas that are very difficult to treat with traditional techniques.

The lipovaser uses sound waves to selectively attack and separate unwanted fat, preserving important tissues such as nerves, blood vessels and collagen. After the fat is liquefied by the ultrasonic energy, it can be easily removed through gentle suction.


It has the following advantages:

  • Ultrasound respects the tissues surrounding the fat and does not affect them, making it a more effective and precise liposuction.
  • It allows to better define the body contour.
  • It can define muscle lines very well because it can completely remove the fat surrounding the muscles, making a more athletic sculpture.
  • By dissolving the fat, it can be removed more easily.
  • The skin retraction is greater due to the effect of ultrasound, High Definition.


Lipolaser liposuction involves using a low frequency laser to dissolve the fat by heat. This is achieved because this laser has a cannula similar to the other systems we have just explained, but this one is a little thinner and the tip is hollow. Inside it has the laser that gives the exact heat to melt the fat.


One of the differences is that it does NOT aspirate the fat, it only melts it and this fat has to be removed later with a cannula of the conventional system and another part is eliminated by the body itself.

Do not confuse liposuction with abdominoplasty

Normally in all liposuctions the skin that is left over after the operation retracts on its own and is perfect, but some people don’t. In the case of abdominoplasty it is not a question of fat, it is a question of excess skin that hangs down.

In certain cases of obesity, after losing a lot of weight, after a large liposuction or if we have a bad quality of skin, it may be necessary to remove this excess skin from the abdomen with plastic surgery. This is called ABDOMINOPLASTY. It does not depend on having had a lot or a little obesity, it is only a question of the quality of the skin, which does not retract and does not stay in place.

If you are confused or interested in more information about abdominoplasty, you can find all the details in this link:

See section on abdominoplasty operation

See article on differences between liposuction and abdominoplasty (includes youtube video explaining it)

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You can do it in 3 ways:

Free on-site visit: Call +34 932066540 from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Free on-site visit with IMMEDIATE booking: For booking outside office hours. We charge 60 € on your card to avoid false bookings. It is refunded on the day you come to the consultation.

ONLINE Visit: Video conference using whatsapp or Zoom. Cost of 60 € non-refundable. When booking indicate in the comments that you want videoconferencing and not on-site.


At Clínica Sanza we rely on the Sagrat Cor Hospital, part of the Quirónsalud group, to perform our surgical procedures.
Its prestige, facilities, medical and healthcare staff, as well as its technology are a guarantee.


Do you want to know why it is worth coming to Barcelona for plastic surgery and why so many people come from abroad?


Your trip, your flight, your operation, your transfer and your hotel with our support agency. We work with the best travel agencies worldwide.


Men and women with a genetical predisposition or life rhythm that cause an accumulation of fatty tissue in the abdomen or back, and would whish for these areas to be well defined.

Also, patients that look after their diet and practice exercise come to us, seeking to define the abdominal musculature (six pack).

Am I eligible for liposuction surgery?

Not everyone can undergo plastic surgery, the problem is with anaesthesia. Obesity is closely related to serious risks when undergoing general anaesthesia. In order to avoid this, it is essential to meet certain minimum requirements which have to do with the ratio between height and body weight.

The body mass index (BMI) is a measure used to assess whether a person has a healthy weight in relation to his or her height. It is calculated by dividing a person’s weight by the square of their height.

The formula for calculating BMI is as follows:

BMI = weight / height ^2

Depending on the value given by this formula, we will know if we are overweight and if we can undergo liposuction. People who are too obese CANNOT have liposuction because of the health risks involved.

Here is a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator where you can calculate your current height and weight.

Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) quickly

To calculate your body mass index, enter your height and weight. You can choose between one of two measurement systems: the metric system or the English system.

Metric system
in centimetres:
in kilos:
English system
in inches:
in pounds:

If your BMI is not higher than 35 then you can undergo liposuction without risk to your health.

Here is what the value resulting from this formula means:

  • BMI below 18.5: Underweight
  • BMI between 18.5 and 24.9: Normal Weight
  • BMI between 25 and 29.9: Overweight
  • BMI between 30 and 34.9: Grade 1 Obesity
  • BMI between 35 and 39.9: Grade 2 Obesity
  • BMI of 40 or higher: Grade 3 obesity (morbid obesity).

Please note that BMI is only a general measure and does not take into account other important factors such as body composition and fat distribution. Therefore, it may not be an accurate measure for certain groups of people, such as athletes with high muscle mass. The doctor will need to assess your case to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for liposuction.


The 3D liposuction or high definition liposuction surgery is held at the hospital surgery, under local anaesthetic and sedation or general anaesthesia.

With the previously mentioned appliances, we can eliminate the fatty tissue which is accumulated between the skin and muscle: rectus abdominis, oblique, serratus, latissimus dorsi and the square of the loins.

This technology provides an improved body silhouette definition.

It is a procedure that requires great ability and surgery skill.

We can remove from 100 grams to over 10kilos, also, decreasing the close size. Also, we achieve a good skin retraction. 


  • From 1 to 4 hours depending on the areas to treat and the litres of fatty tissue to be removed.



  • Evaluation of the area for an accurate treatment.
  • Follow the Doctors instruction.
  • Blood tests, cardiac and respiratory tests.


  • Local and sedation, epidural or general if preferred. It has a high variability depending on the volume to be removed.


  • Ambulatory when the procedure consists in small definitions.


  • Wear a compressive corset for 24-48 hours that Clínica Sanza will provide.
  • Periodic revisions to control the corset that will be changed in size as the volume decreases. Sometimes it is worn during one month.


  • From 1 to 7 days depending on the quantity removed.
  • Normal day to day. Except sport, which can be practiced after 1 week.
  • Only take off the compressive corset when the Doctor specifies (this can vary between 15 days to 1 month).
  • We advise lymphatic massages for a fast recovery.


  •  Non visible scars
  • Great satisfaction on behalf of the patients
  • We can define the six pack and the inguinal pleats in men
  • We can define women abdominal muscles and thighs
  • Improves psychological health and self-esteem


  • Medium-High.


  • Medium, depending on the areas and volume.
  • Surgical intervention risks: bleeding, bruising, infection. Rare.
  • Asymmetrical risk which could require a retouch procedure. Rare.


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Whatever your case may be, do not hesitate in contacting us.

Clínica Sanza in Barcelona, Spain, quality service

Frequently asked questions about liposuction and lipolaser surgery

The body fat is a cellular tissue that: protects the organs, covers articulations, controls the temperature, stores vitamins and is a source of energy for the body. This fat is in a semi liquid state composed basically of triglycerides. We generate it from an excess of calories that we eat and do not use. The body is prepared to store what we have in excess in cells called adipocytes. I present them to you: you can see them in the picture below. Notice everything that is in a yellow tone, all of that is the fat that accumulates and the bad news is, there a millions of them in your body (in mine as well. On top of that they reproduce…unless you eliminate them…and that is the question.  

In most cases the skin retracts on its own and nothing else is needed. it goes back to its place alone and it doesn’t hang. Only in some cases, when the skin is considered of bad quality, it cannot retract on its own. We are talking about 5% of the cases.

Look at this picture below, the skin is retracted with no need to lift it.

Cómo queda la piel antes y después de una liposucción

It is not a matter of taking more or less fat that makes the skin retract, it is due to the quality of the skin. This is something the Dr will tell you before doing or paying anything. A skin lift is done only in extreme cases and later on. These types of interventions are called ABDOMINOPLASTY and you can click here to get more details and see what it is about.





Fat in our body accumulates in 3 areas:

Subcutaneous fat: If I say love handles, I am sure you understand. It is the fat the accumulates right under the skin and before the muscles, what does not interest us in this case and that it is so noticeable. This type of fat can normally be easily lost with exercise. Attention! it is not the same for everyone. It depends on our genetics and our hormones; the fat can accumulate more in some areas than in other ones. For men it usually accumulates in the stomach and torso, but for women in hips and thighs.

Dónde está la grasa corporal

Visceral fat: it is more interiorized in our organism. It is around the organs, which is dangerous if it accumulates in excess. Normally, an excess of visceral fat is preceded of an excess of subcutaneous fat, there is the importance of not growing an excessive protruding stomach or excessive thick legs and thighs. If you do not have love handles, or cellulitis it is unlikely that you have it around the organs.

grasa visceral

Intramuscular fat: It is inside the muscles and there is usually not much. As the fat you can see in a “jamón de bellota”. It is totally different than the other types of fat. Obese people have fat in the muscles that can develop to diabetes because they are resistant to insulin. But that is another topic.

Grasa intramuscular

To summarize, right now we are talking about how to eliminate the subcutaneous fat, the love handles, fat rolls and cellulitis, which are the ones we are most interested in.

And this is where the magic words starts:

We can use the liposuction to eliminate the excessive fat of different areas of the body. These are the different areas that can be treated:  

  • Face and neck liposuction
  • Chest liposuction (gynecomasty)
  • Arm and underam liposuction
  • Back and abdomen liposuction
  • Feminine and masculine pubic liposuction
  • Buttocks liposuction
  • Leg liposuction

For any liposuction, a small cut from 3 – 5 millimetres is needed, nothing more. The size will depend on the tube (called a cannula) used for removing the fat. This means if it is for the chest, you will have a cut on each breast. If it is in the arms, there will be one in each arm, if it is in the buttocks one on each buttock, if the area is a bit bigger like the abdomen there will be two cuts, one on each side.

Foto de cicatriz de una liposucción

This mark is so small that it ends up being invisible at the end. It is like when a freckle, or wart is removed.

In the example we can see on the right of the picture a small dot from the scar that with time it will practically disappear. It is really small: 3-5 millimetres.

It really does!! And if you do it well, it is definitive.

Let me tell you: If you diet, eat less or practice sport, what you really do is eliminate the accumulated fat in the cells called adipocytes. What you get is, deflate them, they empty out. Just like with balloons. But they are still there waiting for you to overpass yourself and accumulate the extra energy. What we do with a liposuction is to eliminate the fat cells, we remove them from where they were. This means that you will not gain weight again unless you eat excessively, but in a really exaggerated way. If you eat too much but not exaggerated you will gain weight but in other areas of your body, not that one. 

Yes, in fact it is the most usual. Our patients usually do liposuctions of different zones taking advantage of the operating room, anaesthesia, etc.  You can save a lot of money. If you are thinking about it take advantage, you will pay one OR, one anaesthesiologist…

But if we are talking about a big liposuction, we are limited to the number of hours to do it and the quantity of anaesthesia needed. We do not do liposuctions of more than 4 – 5 hours. If that is the case then you would have to do them in different days, but it is less common.

Liposuction is the conventional technique where a small cannula is used to remove fat deposits from certain areas of the body. The lipolaser requires a special fiber optic device that transmits laser energy, this energy produces a destruction of fat. The fat is converted into a liquid emulsion that is left for the body to reabsorb (if the amount is not too large) or can be removed by aspiration through a cannula. Apart from the removal of fat, the laser causes the coagulation of the small vessels of adipose tissue and stimulates the reorganization of collagen in the superficial dermis causing an immediate skin tightening or firming effect.

Liposuction, like any cosmetic surgery, can be performed at any time of the year. The only consideration to take into account is the need to wear a compression garment in the operated area for a month after the operation, which prevents you from going to the swimming pool or the beach.
Not if it is done well. Once puberty is over, fat cells take a long time to reproduce, but maintain the ability to “grow”, which is why once we eliminate the number of fat cells (adipocytes) these accumulations cannot develop, as long as we follow a healthy diet and without excesses.
The time of the bath will be marked at the time when you can remove the girdle and replace it without causing discomfort and that the inflammation begins to subside, this can be 2 or 3 days after the intervention.

The results of a liposuction are amazing, people are delighted because the result is INMEDIATE. Your clothes will be big, a pleasure for you. The truth is that the first week after surgery you will not feel very good. From there on it depends on your pain threshold. We recommend for you to be in a calm place, be at home and not go to work. It will be a bad week, but then it will be better. It is as always, once you see the result you forget how bad you felt the first week.

After the first week, recovery gets better. You will still not feel well, but it will be different. From our experience we can say that normally you can go back to work after 10 days. But it really depends on each person and the type of job. It is not the same to work in an office where you can sit and work slower than a more physical job like in construction or be in a store or if you have to carry weight.

Yes and a lot. Cellulite or orange peel skin is a skin problem that manifests as very frequent small depressions in the buttocks, legs and hips. Liposuction cures and improves cellulite by decreasing the volume of certain areas. It partially eliminates fibrous partitions and favors a better lymphatic drainage.

At Clinica Sanza Barcelona we are specialists in liposuctions. It is our forte as to say after more than 30 years doing them. This allows us to do big liposuctions as other clinics are not prepared for.

Dr Sanza has taught many plastic surgeons from over the World, his techniques to do these big liposuctions and thanks to him his methodology is done in clinics all over the World.

We can remove from 100 grams to 1 liter of fat from patients that have not much fat and with bigger ones up to 20 liters of fat in one go. Imagine how amazing the result can be. In one go you can see your pant size reduced 6-8 sizes, interesting!!

Do you know what happens? Fat weights much less than the muscle and when you eliminate so many liters the volume reduces is amazing.

Yes, of course, you just have to remember that liposuction is not a method to lose weight but to lose volume. Clinica Sanza has a very extensive protocol for large volume liposuctions (from 10 to 15 liters), a technique that we have published in different specialized magazines and that we have presented in multiple national and international medical congresses.
Bruises and swelling may appear in the area for a few days, even weeks. Usually the bruises disappear after 7 to 14 days and the most evident inflammation after one to two weeks. Subsequently there is a little residual swelling that can be maintained for a month or two after the intervention.
Basically you have to follow the specific instructions for each case that your surgeon gives you. On the other hand, it is necessary to wear compression garments for a period of 3 to 5 weeks (this will vary according to the evolution of each patient). We suggest lymphatic drainage to eliminate edema, swelling and speed up the disappearance of bruises.
Once the acute inflammation has passed, the initial results can already be seen, that is to say after 3 weeks to 2 months depending on the extension of the intervention, although the definitive results can take 6 to 9 months.
It is due to a bad technique of the surgeon. If it is done correctly, it is impossible for the fat to form again, even if you get pregnant and after giving birth you keep the weight after the liposuction, the result continues to be as we had left it.

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