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Difference between liposucction and abdominoplasty

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What difference is there between liposuction, abdominoplasty or dermolipectomy?

This is a frequently asked question at our practice. It can be explained with two simple points:

  1. Liposuction, liposculpture, lipolaser, high definition lipovaser, minilipo…are different terms that are used for the same objective: eliminating fat between the muscle and skin, from whichever body part.
  2. Dermpolipectomy, abdominoplasty or minidermo are common adjectives for eliminating fat, solely from the abdomen, and at the same time strengthening the abdominal muscles (if needed) and eliminating the excess skin that cannot be tensed with a liposuction.

Which is the best technique?

If the patient wants a complete body remodelling it is always recommendable through a liposculpture.

If the concern is to improve the abdomen, several aspects need to be taken into account:

Quality of the skin, quantity of skin, abdominal muscle flaccidity and the result that is wanted to obtain.

If I have a big belly and they eliminate the fat will this not make the skin hang?

This is not like this, we will demonstrate it with the following photographs:



Viewing the results, which is best, the liposuction or an abdominoplasty?

This is a very common question and every surgeon will provide a different response depending on the techniques they use.

It’s not the same to say: What is best for a headache? Ibuprofen, Gelocatil, Enantyum, Nolotil, etc… Depending on the patient a certain medication will be more or less appropriate. Deciding for one operation or another is a different question. The best thing to do in these cases is respect the specialist’s advice. We also advise for second or third opinions, this way you can choose who suits you the most.

In the following images you will see that there are bellies that need a tummy tuck and an abdominal muscle strengthening due to pregnancy or a severe diet.



I would like to improve my abdomen, however, I do not know what is best for me

On behalf of Clínica Sanza, we understand that you have queries. It’s normal.

We have operated over 25 years on abdomens and small or big bellies. Over 2000. We are one of the most recognised centers, nationally and internationally, in body remodelling, which includes the two different techniques.

Certain patients come to us for a liposuction and we have refused as we know the final result will not be satisfying. Their belly will not look nice.

On the other hand, we have patients that have been to other Doctors and come to us with advice on proceeding with an abdominoplasty, which in some cases, we do not recommend due to the results that the liposuction can provide. Also, avoiding unnecessary scars.

Unfortunately, in Spain, still now days, this technique is rarely known by other plastic surgeons.

We use a lipoaspiration technique which is more complex and difficult, providing the best results for men and women.


To dedicate your life to body remodelling is not an easy task. This is the most difficult technique in plastic and aesthetical surgery, as it consists in small incisions to remodel the whole body.

But all plastic surgeons do liposuctions, right?

Of course, surgery is very broad.

As mentioned before, Liposuction is very broad. From the face, neck, arms, breasts, chest, abdomen, back, buttocks, pubic area and legs. All the body.  

The quantity of fat (adipocytes) varies from 200gr to 20kilos.

It is not the same to eliminate small amounts of fat or a small dermolipectomy to doing a great body change.

For this, all the plastic surgeons do them but not all of them eliminate all of the fat that is possible which in turn, provides the best results for the patient.

Which is the riskiest? The liposuction or dermolipectomy?

Whichever intervention can provide a risk if the patient is not properly prepared and the surgery is not done in a good and secure Hospital. Also, it is very important to follow up with post operation controls.

As an example: Driving a car is also dangerous and risky if the car has not passed the ITV or if we drive to fast on a curvy road or miss a red light.

The precaution that is taken either for the dermolipectomy as for the liposculpture will have a satisfactory end result. However:

If a slim patient comes and we have to eliminate little fat or a small amount of skin, it will obviously be like driving a car a t 20km/h.

If a patient that comes, is obese, we can not drive at 20km/h as this will provide an invisible result. He would not be happy and it would possibly generate a rebound effect and the only result visible will be less money in your account.

In these cases, we have to take more precautions, however, we do things correctly for the patient, and if this means eliminating 10kg we will proceed with prudence, great experience, ability and great experience.

Do they cost the same?

The price depends on the size of the abdomen and the result which we can provide. Not the technique. In Clínica Sanza this is our premise.

There are liposculptures which are more expensive than an abdominoplasty or dermolipectomy.

Is it true that an abdominoplasty leaves long and evident scars?

When we have to eliminate a lot ok skin, yes. However, they are easily covered with lingerie or a swimming costume. We show different ways types of scar to the patient, so they can choose which suits them best.

Wing scar

Straight scar (very recent)

Circumferential scar

Now days, tattoos have done a great change in the idea of camouflaging scars. We are not talking about large tattoos, but fine lines that can only be seen in the intimacy, not even when you are getting changed in the gym.

Improve scars

I can’t believe that Dr Sanza has elaborated a body contour surgery which permits reduce the dermolipectomies at a 60% less.

We know that it’s difficult to believe that in Barcelona there are surgeons which are experts and pioneers, but it’s a reality.

Dr Sanza has scientific articles which demonstrate his professional trajectory and innovations which obtain the best and most secure results in body remodelling.

It has not been over night. It’s more than 25 years dedicated to body remodelling with liposuction, abdominoplasty or both combined techniques, together with knowledge of skin retraction. Thus, permitting him to teach other plastic surgeons on complete body remodelling.  

Combined abdominal, back, thighs and buttocks liposuction In a second phase, excess skin elimination and breast elevation


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