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Frequently asked questions about ears surgery

A summary of frequently asked questions about ears (FAQS) that are usually asked by our clients at Clínica Sanza Barcelona. 

You can go to the page with all the frequently asked questions on the subject you are interested in by clicking on the desired treatment:

Otoplastia - Orejas prominentes 4


The operation of large ears, also known as protruding ears, in a cup or in a handle, consists of moulding the cartilage of the ears and excess skin until the desired appearance is achieved.

Torn lobes

It consists of surgically repairing the lobes torn by the earrings or dilators. It is also performed to rejuvenate large and hanging lobes that appear with age or by genetics.


Ear reconstruction requires an assessment of the problem affecting each person so that the therapist can give the option that is most appropriate for each case.

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