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High definition (HD) liposuction of the buttocks and cellulite

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7 Days

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The high definition (HD) buttock liposuction and cellulite operation at Clínica Sanza, in Barcelona, consists of removing fat accumulated in the buttock area to slim the buttocks and also improve buttock cellulite.

The combination of conventional liposuction, lipolaser, lipovibrosuction and lipolaser with ultrasound allows us to achieve the results we are going to show you below in high definition. It is the most perfect technique that currently exists to achieve the best body reshaping.

What is fat and how is it removed forever with liposuction?

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What happens to the skin that is left over after fat reduction with liposuction?

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At Clínica Sanza we rely on the Sagrat Cor Hospital, part of the Quirónsalud group, to perform our surgical procedures.
Its prestige, facilities, medical and healthcare staff, as well as its technology are a guarantee.


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You can do it in 3 ways:

Free on-site visit: Call +34 932066540 from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Friday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Free on-site visit with IMMEDIATE booking: For booking outside office hours. We charge 60 € on your card to avoid false bookings. It is refunded on the day you come to the consultation.

ONLINE Visit: Video conference using whatsapp or Zoom. Cost of 60 € non-refundable. When booking indicate in the comments that you want videoconferencing and not on-site.


Men, but more frequently women who, due to genetics, inherit a greater amount of adipocytes (fat cells) in the gluteal area. Also called lipodystrophy. We call cellulite to the orange peel skin or dimples that can also form frequently in this area.

Sometimes we also observe both pathologies, i.e. lipodystrophy and cellulite, together.

Despite diet, good nutrition and sport, in many cases there is little or no improvement and the only solution is high definition liposuction.


It consists of introducing cannulas with ultrasonic and/or laser energy, which allow the removal of excess adipocytes and fat, in addition to breaking down the fibrin trabeculae, which are responsible for dividing the fatty tissue, forming cellulite.


  • 1 to 2 hours



  • Evaluation of the area to determine treatment
  • Follow the specific guidelines determined by the Doctor
  • Perform a preoperative workup: CBC, ECG and chest x-ray if necessary to know the cardiac and respiratory status.


  • Local and sedation. General if desired


  • Ambulatory or 24h admission


  • Wear compression garment for 15-20 days
  • Take medication if required
  • Periodic reviews on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Removal of punctations at one week if they are not reabsorbed.


  • Normal sedentary life per week approximately
  • We recommend lymphatic drainage to shorten the postoperative period.
  • Sport from approximately 20 days of age


  • Imperceptible scars
  • Rejuvenated and improved appearance
  • Increased self-esteem and elimination of complexes


  • Simple-medium intervention


  • Under
  • Risks inherent to an operation: bleeding, bruising, swelling (infrequent)
  • Risks of the operation: possibility that some irregularity may remain and require a touch-up to improve it.


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Frequently asked questions about buttock surgery

The buttocks are a very important part in both a man and a woman. Some patients, more frequently in men, may present true hypotrophy or lack of development of this area and require gluteoplasty to improve the shape and volume of this region, either by shape adjustments, implant placement or lipoinjection. In women it is more common to remove cellulite and lift the buttocks.
Gluteoplasty is indicated for patients who wish to improve the volume and projection of the buttocks. Some individuals find some disproportion in the shape of the buttocks, which can be corrected with different techniques. Likewise, this treatment is suitable for those people who, due to aging, present loss of turgor, excess fat or sagging of the tissues in this area.
In Sanza Clinic we individualize each patient to offer the best treatment taking into account aspects such as size, weight, bone structure, pelvis and thighs. We evaluate the areas where there is little projection, flaccidity or excess fat, and thus determine whether the placement of gluteal implants or liposuction is required. Lipoinjection, lipolaser, tensor threads or gluteal lifting.
In general, any procedure is performed in the operating room under local anesthesia and sedation, or if the case requires it, under general anesthesia or epidural anesthesia. The patient on the operating table is placed face down, so that we can comfortably work the area and maintain symmetry.
The procedure, depending on the technique used, is performed in an average of 1 to 4 hours.
We recommend admission for 1 day, for the patient’s comfort, not really for medical requirements, but during the first 24 hours it is not recommended to lie on the patient’s stomach. Sometimes we recommend 2 or 3 days for buttock lifts.
Buttock implants are elements of synthetic material that, when inserted into the buttocks, improve or correct their shape. There are different types of gluteal implants, with different volumes and dimensions. Buttock implants are made of a silicone elastomer shell filled with silicone, usually round or oval in shape, with a textured or smooth surface. Very similar to breast prostheses, but more consistent.
Lipolaser, vaserlipo and liposculpture are synonyms. The 3 techniques allow the removal of fat cells (adipocytes) from the areas we want to contour to get the buttocks as we wish. Normally you want to eliminate cellulite, flaccidity and leave a smoother buttocks, like in the gym.
When the excess skin, caused by significant flaccidity, cannot be retracted by another procedure such as lipolaser, the buttock lift can tighten the buttocks and raise them to the ideal height.
When we are faced with a buttock, whether of a man or a woman, that is smooth and young, well formed but sagging, we can raise it by means of tensor threads, without the need to undergo prosthetic surgery or buttock lift. It is a good option to lift those buttocks that are sagging, but not flabby or with excess skin.
They are introduced under local anesthesia or sedation through special needles that already come with the tensor threads. These needles are passed from the intergluteal fold, that is, above the line that separates the two buttocks to each side. We usually pass from 4 to 8 threads on each side, depending on the size or elevation we wish to make. Once the threads have been passed, we do not tighten them, but leave them under the skin for about 3 or 4 months. After this time we recommend stretching and retensioning them. We place local anesthesia in the upper intergluteal area where we have left the ends of all the threads and from there we retighten them again.
After surgery the patient may feel some discomfort with mild pain. These discomforts are controlled by the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. The bandage together with the drains will be left on for the first 24 hours and the swelling may persist for some time. It is necessary to lie face down for the first 24 hours, and then gradually return to normal activities. Depending on each technique, the postoperative period can be from 24 hours to 1 or 2 weeks. Subsequently lean on the sides at bedtime, until the swelling gradually goes down.

Liposuction and lipolaser frequently asked questions

Body fat is a cellular tissue of the body that: protects organs, covers joints, controls temperature, stores vitamins, and is a source of energy for the body.

It is in a semi-liquid state and is composed mainly of triglycerides. It is generated by the excess calories we eat and do not use.

The body is prepared to store what is left over in cells called adipocytes. I present them to you, you can see them in the photo below. Do you see everything that is yellowish in tone? Well, all that is the fat they accumulate, and the bad news is that there are millions and millions of it in your body (and mine).

And on top of that they reproduce … unless you get them out of there … and here’s the thing.

YouTube video

In the vast majority of cases the skin retracts on its own and does not need anything else. It will put itself in place and you won’t be left dangling. Only in cases of poor skin quality may the skin not retract on its own. We are talking about maybe 5% of the cases.

Look at this photo below, the skin retracts, no stretching.

How the skin looks before and after liposuction

It is not a matter of taking out too much or too little fat that causes it to retract, it is a matter of skin quality. The doctor will see this before doing anything, before paying anything, and will advise you. But that of stretching the skin in extreme cases is done later. This type of intervention is called ABDOMINOPLASTY and you can click here for more details and to see what it is all about.


YouTube video

The fat in our body accumulates in 3 areas:

Subcutaneous fat: If I tell you that these are the “love handles” or “love handles” you will surely understand me. It is the fat that accumulates just under the skin and before the muscles that really interests us in this case and is so noticeable. This type of fat can usually be lost more easily through exercise. Attention! it does not work the same and does not accumulate in the same areas for everyone. Depending on our genetic inheritance and our hormones, fat can accumulate more in some areas than in others. For men it usually accumulates in the belly and torso, but for women it accumulates in the hips and thighs.

Where is the body fat

Visceral fat: It is more internalized in our organism. It is around the organs, which is dangerous if it accumulates in excess. Normally an excess of visceral fat is preceded by an excess of subcutaneous fat, hence the importance for our health to avoid developing a protruding belly or excessively wide hips and thighs. If you don’t have fat like love handles, love handles or cellulite, you hardly have it around your organs.

visceral fat

Intramuscular fat: It is usually very little and stays inside the muscles. Like the fat you can see in acorn-fed ham. Nothing to do with the other two types of fat. Obese people who have fat in their muscles can develop diabetes because we become insulin resistant. But this is another topic …

Intramuscular fat

In short, right now we are talking about how to eliminate subcutaneous fat, that of love handles, love handles and cellulite, in the area you are interested in.

And this is where the magic word begins: HIGH DEFINITION LIPOSUCTION.

Liposuction can be used to remove excess fat from different areas of the body. These are the different areas we can treat:

  • Liposuction of the face and neck
  • Liposuction of the pectorals (gynecomastia)
  • Liposuction of arms and armpits
  • Liposuction of abdomen and back
  • Liposuction of male or female pubis
  • Liposuction of the buttocks
  • Liposuction of the legs

To perform liposuction it is only necessary to make a cut of between 3 and 5 millimeters in each area to be treated, nothing more. The size depends on the size of the tube (called a cannula) used to aspirate the fat. This means that if it is on the pectorals there will be this cut on each pectoral. If it is on the arms there will be one on each arm, if it is on the buttocks one on each buttock, if they are larger areas such as the abdomen there may be two cuts, one on each side.

Photo of a liposuction scar

This small mark remains almost invisible afterwards. It’s like what you would be left with after removing a freckle from your skin, a wart or something like that.

In the example we can see in the photo on the right a small dot of the scar that with time will be practically erased. It is very small: 3 to 5 millimeters.

Well, yes, I really do! and also definitive if you do it right.

Let me tell you: If you diet by eating less or doing sports, what you are actually doing is removing the fat accumulated in those cells, called adipocytes. What you achieve is to deflate them, to leave them empty. As if they were inflated or deflated balloons. But they are still there, waiting for you to come back to accumulate excess energy. With liposuction what we are doing is eliminating the fat cells, we are removing them from where they were. This means that you will not be able to put on weight in this area unless your excesses are really exaggerated. But to put weight back on in that area you have to eat in a very exaggerated way. If you eat a lot but not too much, what will happen is that you will put on weight in other areas of the body, but not in that one.

YES, and in fact it is the norm. Our patients usually have liposuction of several areas taking advantage of the operating room, anesthesia, etc. at one time. It ends up being a significant money saver. If you plan to do so, take advantage of it, you will pay for only one operating room, only one anesthesiologist …

It is clear that, if we are talking about a large liposuction, we are limited to the number of hours needed to perform it and the amount of anesthesia that this implies. We do not perform liposuction for more than 4 or 5 hours. If this is the case, it would have to be done by zones on different days, but this is not very common.

Liposuction is the conventional technique where a small cannula is used to remove fat accumulations from certain areas of the body. The lipolaser requires a special fiber optic device that transmits laser energy, this energy produces a destruction of the fat. The fat is converted into a liquid emulsion that is left for the body to reabsorb (if the amount is not too large) or can be removed by aspiration through a cannula. In addition to fat removal, the laser causes coagulation of the small vessels of the adipose tissue and stimulates the reorganization of collagen in the superficial dermis causing an immediate skin tightening or firming effect.

Liposuction, like any cosmetic surgery procedure, can be performed at any time of the year. The only consideration to take into account is the need to wear a pressotherapy girdle in the operated area for a month after the intervention, which prevents the patient from going to the swimming pool or the beach.

Not if it is well done. Once puberty has passed, fat cells take a long time to reproduce, but they maintain the capacity to “grow”, which is why once we eliminate the number of fat cells (adipocytes) these accumulations cannot develop, as long as we have a healthy diet without excesses.

The time of the bath will mark the moment when the girdle can be removed and repositioned without causing discomfort and that the swelling begins to subside, this may be after 2 or 3 days of the intervention.

The result of a liposuction is brutal, people leave delighted because you can see the result NOW. Your clothes will fit big, a pleasure for your eyes. What is certain is that the first week after the operation you will have a hard time, it would be absurd to say otherwise. From there it depends on the pain threshold of each individual. We consider it essential to be quiet, to stay at home and not go to work. It’s going to be a bad week, but you’ll get over it. It’s the usual, when you see the result you forget the bad time of this first week.

From the second week onwards, things get much better. You won’t be well, but it will be something else. From our experience we can say that you can usually return to work after 10 days. But it depends a bit on the person and especially on the type of work. It is not the same as an office job that you can sit quietly and go about doing, or a physical job in the construction industry, standing in a store or if you have to carry weights.

Yes, very much so. Cellulite or orange peel skin is a skin problem that manifests itself as very frequent small depressions in the buttocks, legs and hips. Liposuction cures and improves cellulite by reducing the volume of certain areas. Partially eliminates fibrous septa and promotes better lymphatic drainage.

At Clínica Sanza Barcelona, we are specialists in liposuction. Let’s say it’s our main course, after more than 30 years dedicated to this. It allows us to perform large liposuctions that other centers are not prepared for.

Dr. Sanza has taught many plastic surgeons around the world his techniques for performing major liposuction, and thanks to him his methodology is now practiced in more clinics worldwide.

Patients with little fat can remove from 100 grams to 1 liter of fat, while larger patients can be talking about up to 20 liters of fat in one go. Imagine what a great result. Suddenly they find themselves with 4 or 6 pant sizes less, very strong!

Do you know what happens? Fat weighs much less than muscle and that is why when you take out many liters the volume you reduce is brutal.

Yes, of course, just remember that liposuction is not a method to lose weight but to lose volume. Clinica Sanza has a very extensive and protocolized casuistry for liposuction of large volumes (from 10 to 15 liters), a technique that we have published in different specialized magazines and that we have presented in multiple national and international medical congresses.

Bruising (hematomas) and swelling may appear in the area for a few days, even weeks. Bruising usually disappears after 7 to 14 days and the most evident swelling after one to two weeks. Subsequently, there is some residual swelling that is not very noticeable and that can be maintained for a month or two after the intervention.

Basically, you must follow the case-specific instructions given to you by your surgeon. On the other hand, compression garments must be worn for a period of 3 to 5 weeks (depending on the evolution of each patient). We suggest lymphatic drainage to eliminate edema, swelling and accelerate the disappearance of bruises.

Once the acute inflammation has passed, the initial results can be seen after 3 weeks to 2 months depending on the extent of the intervention, although the definitive results may take 6 to 9 months.

It is due to poor technique of the surgeon. If done correctly it is impossible for it to re-form, even if you become pregnant and after delivery you keep the weight after liposuction the result remains as we had left it.


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